Everlane reviews: Cashmere crew, waffle knit cashmere, midrise skinny jeans

Last month, I added a couple of new Everlane items to my closet that I felt were worth reviewing, and then I realized that I never did a proper review of my newest cashmere crew sweater. Spoiler alert: I love everything, as usual. ;)

For sizing reference, I am typically a size XS/0 at J.Crew, Madewell, LOFT, Anthropologie, Gap, and Banana Republic. I wear a size 4-6 in H&M and its sister stores (depending on the item). For stores that use juniors sizing, such as Forever 21 and ModCloth, I am usually a size small. My Uniqlo size is either XS or small (again, depending on the item). Everlane includes garment measurements for each item, which I find incredibly helpful when it comes to determining the right size to buy. I previously reviewed my Everlane tees, silk and sweatshirt, my older sweaters and cardigan, and my linen tees, cotton poplin skirt, and box-cut tee dress. You can browse all my Grana and Everlane reviews here.

Everlane 'The Cashmere Crew' in garnet — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Cashmere Crew (garnet, size XS)

I own this sweater in two other colors and reviewed those in spring of last year. I'm obsessed with those, so of course I ordered a third color last winter! Plus, the price can't be beat at only $100. It's hands down my favorite cashmere. Even though I have a size small in my other two cashmere crew sweaters, I decided to go with an XS in this sweater for a different fit. While the XS works and it's nice to have a slightly more fitted sweater, I prefer the looser sleeves of the size small (and the looser fit in the body, too). I also don't like the double wrist ribbing on the new version of this sweater. My other two sweaters just have the single ribbed cuff. Like my other cashmere, it does look slightly fuzzy after a season of wear, but it's not unreasonably fuzzy or pilling badly. (Note that the color linked is not exactly the same color as my sweater; the red this year is called ruby.)

How I wore it: with jeans and ankle boots, with grey denim, with a speckled skirt and scarf

Everlane 'The Waffle Knit Cashmere Square Crew' in ivory — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Waffle Knit Cashmere Square Crew (ivory, size XS)

I made sure to order this beauty on the day it was released last month! It's every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. I love everything waffle knit, so waffle knit cashmere was bound to be perfect. ;) I debated between size XS and small for far too long before finally deciding on a size XS. The description says it fits oversized, and since I didn't want it to be too oversized, I opted for the smaller of my two sizes in Everlane. It fits as I expected it would. I like that it's slightly cropped in the body (with a high-low hem). The side slits come up slightly higher than I would prefer, but the slits on the wrists are an interesting touch. Of course, I wish the shoulders weren't dropped, but I love it enough to overlook that. The ivory is slightly sheer so I wear a layer under it. I stained it the second day I wore it, but it handled a gentle hand wash well (though I'm going to need to do a second treatment with actual stain remover, gah). I highly recommend this beauty! It's so tempting to buy every color but luckily I can't afford to buy them all. ;)

Everlane 'The Midrise Skinny Jeans (Ankle)' in stay black — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Midrise Skinny Jeans (Ankle) (stay black, size 25)

Of course, I was so excited to try one of the highly anticipated pairs of Everlane denim when it was released in September. I've been wanting a pair of black skinny jeans for what seems like forever, and it was the perfect chance to finally own a pair! I ordered the midrise skinny jeans in ankle length in two sizes, 25 and 26. 25 is my normal size in Madewell denim, but I heard that these were less stretchy than typical denim so I also got a 26 to try. I opted for the ankle length because I'm borderline petite and I didn't want to have to cuff them with flats, and I picked the midrise instead of the high-rise because the midrise has a 9" rise—the same rise as my high-rise pair from Madewell—and I really like it. I thought the 10" rise would have swallowed my torso, but it turns out my pink pair from Grana has a 10" rise and those don't swallow me (but that pair is also much stretchier than this pair).

When I first tried on size 25, they felt way too tight everywhere. I tried on size 26, which fit well except for being slightly loose at the waist, and they loosened up a bit too much after wearing them for a couple of hours. I put the 25 back on and they also loosened up a bit after wearing them around, but one side dug into the crease at my hip when I walked and it was super uncomfortable. I sent both pairs back but planned to reorder size 25 when they came back in stock.

My new size 25 pair (pictured here) was also tight when I first put them on but not as tight as the first pair, and they didn't dig into my leg when I walked! I find them to be much less stretchy than my Madewell denim (my high-rise pair from Madewell feels the most similar with regards to stretch), so that's been a bit of an adjustment. They're also slightly tight around the waist. I finally have a pair of black denim, though, and I couldn't be happier! Plus the price is hard to beat. ;) Now I'm just hoping that the black doesn't wash out quickly.

How I wore them: with burgundy and cognac, with a leather jacket

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