Winter 10x10 — Outfit 4

Winter 10x10: Red cashmere sweater, grey skinny jeans, shiny black oxfords — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Red cashmere sweater + grey skinny jeans — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Grey skinny jeans outfit with red cashmere sweater and shiny black oxfords — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Red cashmere sweater outfit with grey jeans — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Outfit #4 was actually worn on day #5. I ended up not getting dressed on the day before, and when I did get dressed, I put on ski gear for an evening on the mountain. (Even though I know how to ski, I'm not a big fan of it because I hate being cold/skiing in bad conditions and it tires my legs out pretty quickly, haha. But my whole family and my boyfriend love skiing so I tag along.)

This outfit is another version of my typical winter uniform (sweater + skinny jeans) but with flat shoes instead of heeled boots. Obviously, the weather needs to behave very well for me to pull out shoes like these. ;) In winters past, I definitely could have gotten away with an outfit like this on some days, but not so much this year. The weather turned crappy here quite quickly, so I opted to wear my snow boots when I was out and about. When I was just hanging around the house, I had to throw on another layer to keep warm. This outfit worked a lot better in theory than in practice...ha. I also find this outfit relatively plain, which is fine, but it doesn't lend itself to an exciting outfit post.


I bought my first cashmere sweater from Everlane a couple of years ago and it started an addiction. This red sweater is my fourth cashmere sweater, and I'm really tempted to add more. ;) Cashmere is so luxurious, soft, and warm for the winter months. For the price point, the quality of Everlane cashmere is excellent (though I don't have "higher end" cashmere to compare it to). My other Everlane cashmere crewneck sweaters are in a size larger than this red sweater to account for layering underneath, but I decided to go with my true size in this sweater for a different look. (I also find that I don't layer with them as much as I thought I would.) I even hand-washed my cashmere last summer with The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo with no ill effects! If you're in the market for your own cashmere, definitely check out Everlane...but here are some other options worth considering:

1) Cashmere crewneck sweater by AQUA ($158, on sale for $63) / Looks almost exactly the same as the Everlane cashmere crewneck.

2) Cashmere crew-neck sweater by Charter Club ($139, on sale for $40) / Similar red available in size XL. Also available in a v-neck in more sizes.

3) Cashmere crewneck sweater by Barneys New York ($325, on sale for $169) / Another extremely similar option that's more on the higher-end side.

4) V-neck cashmere sweater by Halogen ($89, on sale for $70) / Available in regular and petite sizes.

5) Cable-yoke sweater by Talbots ($80, on sale for $35) / Only 5% cashmere, but the color is really similar. Great option if you'd prefer a cotton blend. Available in limited sizes in regular, petite, and plus.


Everlane sweater / exact (limited sizes in red); similar options above
Madewell jeans / unavailable; similar (high rise)
Madewell oxfords / unavailable; similar by Nine West
Madewell earrings / exact