Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription: part 4 of 4

Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription of green home products — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I’m at the end of my annual MightyFix subscription! A year ago, I used a coupon code I found on another blog to sign up on the MightyNest website, and since then, I’ve been receiving sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to common home and wellness products every month. (My first review was shared last September, second review last December, and third review in March.) The MightyFix by MightyNest is an excellent way to be introduced to new products and slowly transition to a greener, healthier lifestyle. (I’m still very much a work-in-progress when it comes to my lower waste goals.)

The subscription increased in price to $11 per month (formerly $10 per month) in order to cover the cost of using eco-friendly shipping materials—$132 annually if not prepaid. I paid $99 with the coupon code, making it $8.25 per month. As a member, you also get discounts on most products, and if you want to buy anything from the site, it ships free with your Fix. After much deliberation, I decided to renew my annual subscription, which is offered for a reduced price of $114 if it’s prepaid. That makes each fix $9.50, an increase of $1.25 each over my first annual subscription. The majority of the products I received this past year would still be well worth the price at $9.50 each. I’m excited to see what I receive over the next year! (I won’t be writing any more formal review posts, though. If I receive any amazing products I’ll likely mention them in general round-up type posts!)

I can invite three people per month to receive a free month of the MightyFix monthly subscription, so let me know via email if you’d like an invite (cottoncashmerecathair (at) gmail (dot) com)! If you email me in June, let me know which of the three products below is your favorite and I’ll select that item for you to receive. Note that MightyNest did not pay me or ask me to write this post, and I paid for the subscription myself.

MightyFix All Good Goop healing balm — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

All Good Goop Healing Balm (March 2019)

This all-purpose balm is perfect to use on minor cuts and scrapes, dry skin, and other skin irritations like bug bites and sunburn. It features an organic formula of essential oils and medicinal plants that is free of petroleum, parabens, GMOs, gluten, and synthetic ingredients. The 2 ounce size is perfect for travel.

I first used this balm on a couple of cat scratches (such is my life) but didn’t notice much of any change. Now that I think about it, I probably didn’t use it enough days in a row! This product is very highly-rated, especially for use on diaper rash and dry skin. After reading some of the reviews, I’m going to try it on body acne to see if it helps that at all! (My skin has been freaking out a little bit since getting my IUD a couple of years ago.)

Regular price: $13.99 / Member price: $12.59 / I paid: $8.25

MightyFix Cose Nuove Swedish dishcloths — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Cose Nuove Swedish Dishcloths (April 2019)

These Swedish dishcloths are made of cellulose and cotton fabric, are incredibly absorbent (up to 15x their weight), and claim to leave no streaks on surfaces. They’re a natural alternative to disposable sponges and paper towels. They can be machine washed (and air dried) and will last for 9-12 months if cared for properly. At the end of their life, they are compostable and biodegradable.

I already own a set of “unpaper” towels, which are basically just reusable towels, and received a set of Tidy dish cloths in a previous Fix, and those have already dramatically reduced my dependency on paper towels. I’m thrilled to have another option, though! You can never have too many towel or sponge alternatives. I love that they are compostable since we have curbside compost pickup here. The designs are super cute, too. ;) (I received blue circles and green leaves.)

Regular price (each): $5.99 / Member price (each): $5.59 / I paid (for two): $8.25

MightyFix RSVP Endurance stainless steel straws and EcoJarz stainless steel straw cleaner — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Straws (& EcoJarz Stainless Steel Straw Cleaner) (May 2019)

These stainless steel straws are made from high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel. I received a set of bent straws, but they straight straws are also available (that are slightly wider for thicker drinks). They are dishwasher safe! It is suggested to rinse the straws out first before putting them in the dishwasher. The straw cleaner was also included as part of my Fix, which was a nice touch.

I was thrilled to receive this Fix! I’ve been wanting to get some reusable straws, and these are a great starting place. (I’m also curious about glass straws.) The only thing that makes me nervous is cleaning them! I appreciate that these can go in the dishwasher, but I want to make sure they won’t fall through any holes…haha. I also need to remember to bring them with me in order to actually use them when out and about. That always seems to be a big hurdle for me.

Regular price: $10.99 (+ $1.99 for the cleaner) / Member price: $9.89 / I paid: $8.25

Blue is my color

Blue striped cotton-linen midi skirt outfit with navy silk shell — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Navy silk shell spring work outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
J.Crew Factory blue striped cotton-linen midi skirt work outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Navy silk shell and blue striped linen skirt spring work outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Work outfit with navy silk shell and striped midi skirt — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

It comes as no surprise that blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. After black and white, the majority of the items in my closet are blue. It’s been a favorite color of mine ever since I was little. I love the sky…and the ocean…and my birthstone is blue sapphire, which is lucky since I think it’s the prettiest of the birthstones. ;) I just love blue—and in all shades, though I have a soft spot for deep blues like the one that makes up this silk shell. When it comes to adding new items to my closet, I’m typically drawn to blue colors first and tend to keep the blue item if I’m deciding between colors (see: this skirt here, which I also tried in red when I ordered it a year ago!).

Speaking of the skirt, the cotton-linen fabric is a dream in the is-it-spring-or-summer heat and perfect for those with a more conservative workplace or those that prefer to dress modestly. These photos were taken after a day of wearing it to work (lots of sitting involved), and it’s not noticeably wrinkly, which is amazing for a cotton-linen blend. Plus, pockets! J.Crew Factory brought it back this year if you’re in the market. I purchased a size down from my usual after reading reviews, but the elastic waistband makes me think that if I had taken my true size, it still would have fit fine.

I haven’t worn this silk shell in a while. Even though I love the feeling of silk on my skin, I’ve found myself gravitating away from silk garments since it is such a high maintenance fabric for me…but does it have to be? I’ve been too scared to hand wash my silks, but I know a dry cleaner washed my red silk dress in water to remove the pit stains (bleh) and it turned out just fine. Of course, this outfit was the first time wearing this shell after getting it dry cleaned, and I, of course, got an oil stain on it. (Plus, it wrinkles when it’s tucked.) I’m annoyed that I have to taken it back to the dry cleaner so soon, unless I become brave enough to wash it by hand, but I’m worried that it may change the feel of the fabric... Have you washed silk before?


Grana top / old; similar from Nordstrom or by Eileen Fisher (last seen here)
J.Crew Factory skirt / exact (last seen here)
Earthies sandals c/o / old; similar (last seen here)
Gorjana necklace / exact (also available from Shopbop)
Le Specs sunglasses / exact style
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

One-piece wonder

Spring outfit with charcoal grey tie-waist dress — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Amour Vert Kim tie-waist long-sleeve dress spring outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Grey tie-waist dress, white sandals, black circle bag — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring casual outfit with charcoal grey dress and black circle bag — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Casual spring outfit with Amour Vert dress and Earth sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Over a year later, this Amour Vert dress is still one of my favorite dresses and best purchases! I’m in love with the easy fit that skims over the body and hides the area I’m most self-conscious about (stomach), the modal fabric that’s soft and wrinkle-resistant, and the fun tie-wrap that cinches the waist. If Amour Vert made this dress in a sleeveless version, I’d 100% buy it! (My exact dress is sold out, but they do have a short-sleeve version available in limited sizes.) I’ve only worn this dress on the weekends, but I’m tempted to wear it to work…do you think it’s work appropriate?

Even though my dress is no longer available, Amour Vert has many other excellent tie-waist one-piece wonders available (though many are selling out). For reference, I’m wearing a size small and typically take size XS or small at Amour Vert depending on the fit I’m aiming for.

  • Denver Dress (on sale in limited sizes) — This style is most similar to my dress and features 3/4-length sleeves, a scoopneck, and a twist detail along with the tie-waist. Available in black, grey, and a dusty blue-green.

  • Colombe Dress — Midi-length short-sleeve dress with a built-in tie-waist detail. Made from an organic cotton/modal blend. Available in black and pomegranate. Also available in a sleeveless version in more colors but fewer sizes.

  • Tasha Knit Dress (on sale) — Modal dress featuring 3/4-length sleeves, a tie waist, and v-neck with button closure. Available in black in most sizes.

  • Marguerite Dress (on sale in limited sizes) — Features sweater-knit modal fabric, short sleeves, v-neck, and tie-waist. Available in grey.

  • Gardenia Jumpsuit — Made from their modal blend and features a v-back, tie-waist, and cropped silhouette. Available in black, terracotta, and spruce.

I love re-wearing my favorite items and featuring them here on the blog, but it’s difficult to “restyle” a dress since it’s just one piece. Hope you don’t mind seeing this dress with different sandals and bags, haha! I feel like I’m just cycling through my sandal and bag options at this point. ;) Though, it just dawned on me that I should try wearing it with a light jacket… I’ll keep that in mind when fall rolls back around!


Amour Vert dress / old; short-sleeve version (limited sizes) or similar options above
Earth sandals c/o / old; similar or similar (last seen here)
ABLE earrings / exact (receive $20 off your first purchase with my referral link)
Minnie + George bag / similar by Lucky Brand
Le Specs sunglasses / exact style
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact