April Style Sudoku Recap

April Style Sudoku: 16 items, 14+ outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

This style sudoku ended almost as quickly as it started! I did very little planning before the start of the sudoku on April 7th. I felt like it snuck up on me! But I it all worked out in the end. I wrapped it up last Saturday the 20th, so now it’s time for the recap. For two weeks, I wore one of 14 outfits put together with the 16 items in my sudoku above, in which every row, column, and corner is an outfit (plus the diagonals…and a couple of other places if you're feeling ambitious). If you’ve been reading since at least January, you know I love putting together style sudokus because they're an excellent opportunity for me to stretch my closet, try new combinations, and remind me how much I already own (and love!). I did not do a shopping freeze during April, but I did try to be more mindful of my clothing purchases.

After putting together a darker color palette for my January style sudoku, I was excited to bust out the lighter colors for spring. I mixed the lighter colors with dark navy and burgundy. I included two patterned items (both with blue stripes, ha) and lots of texture with a cashmere sweater, velvet flats, cotton-linen sweater, and glossy Hunter boots. I included two items that were also in my January style sudoku: the dark wash skinny jeans and the glossy Hunter boots—the latter because it rained!

For this sudoku, I only chose denim as my bottoms because that’s what I wear 4-5 days a week at least! It’s easy and comfortable. I felt most like me in the outfits featuring my green utility jacket, but I was also surprised to love the diagonal outfit featuring the tonal sweater blazer and cotton-linen sweater. I have been struggling to style the camel sweater blazer but enjoyed layering it with the items in this sudoku. I also included the navy blazer and striped button-down shirt since I also hadn’t worn those recently and wanted a bit of a challenge. Good news: I still enjoy all of these items!

I’ll be back to do this again in the summer and the one more time in the fall! It’s crazy to think I’m halfway done with my style sudokus for the year. ;)

Below you’ll find all of my outfits and where they landed on the sudoku, a widget at the end where you can shop the exact or similar items I wore, and a blank sudoku so you can make your own! Head on over to the original posts for more photos and details: outfits 1-5, outfits 6-10, and outfits 11-14. (Or you can directly click on the outfit photo you’re interested in below!)


April Style Sudoku: 4 row outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


April Style Sudoku: 4 column outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


April Style Sudoku: 4 corner outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


April Style Sudoku: 2 diagonal outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair



Make your own style sudoku — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

April Style Sudoku: Outfits 11–14

This is it! I wrapped up my April style sudoku last weekend. The final four outfits are below, and you can catch all of my daily outfit stories in my “Style Sudoku” highlight on Instagram. I’ll be sharing a full recap post on Wednesday! :)

OUTFIT 11 • Wednesday, April 17th

April Style Sudoku: Outfit 11 — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I wore my burgundy hat to work again and once again got compliments on it. Aren’t compliments on your outfit the BEST?! It makes me feel so good. Even though I did get compliments, this was one of my least favorite outfits. As much as I love contrasting elements in outfits, this one didn’t really “go” well to me: the dark-colored hat and flats feel more fall/winter, and the sweater and jeans feel more spring/ summer. If I had given myself more time to put together this sudoku I may have switched out some of the items, but there’s usually one or two outfits that aren’t my favorite out of the bunch in the end anyway.

Weather: High of 63°F (17°C), no precipitation


Everlane sweater / exact (limited sizes) or similar
Everlane jeans / exact (limited sizes) or similar by Banana Republic
Charlotte Olympia flats c/o Shopbop / exact from SSENSE (last seen here)
Leith hat / old; similar from Macy’s
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

OUTFIT 12 • Thursday, April 18th

April Style Sudoku: Outfit 12 — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I didn’t actually plan out the outfits very well and ended up wearing items back to back in the last few days of my sudoku. Oops! I don’t think anyone noticed, haha. (If they did, no one said anything to me.)

Since my workplace is pretty casual, I feel extra professional every time I wear a blazer, so I saved all those outfits for work days. This was another one with the harsh contrast between the navy blazer and white denim. I tried playing around with tucking the shirt since it is a little bit long, but I couldn’t get it to lay quite right so I let it do its thing. This day was the first day all year that it hit 70 degrees, so I was a little warm in this outfit after work!

Weather: High of 73°F (23°C), no precipitation


J.Crew blazer / old; similar from Nordstrom Rack
Elizabeth & Clarke
shirt / exact
Everlane jeans / exact (limited sizes) or similar by Banana Republic
Earth flats c/o / old; similar by Frye (last seen here)
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

OUTFIT 13 • Friday, April 19th

April Style Sudoku: Outfit 13 — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Thursday hit 70°, so naturally, Friday hit 80°! Korri and I took work off, mostly so we could watch the gymnastics national championship; the first meet was in the middle of the day and I didn’t feel like going to work for two hours, coming home, then going back for three more hours…and when Korri decided to take the day off, I did too! I was a little bit productive: I swapped my winter tires out first thing in the morning! After the first semifinal, we went out to lunch downtown and sat outside. It was just about too warm to sit outside and Korri got sunburned on his arms. But man, 80° felt glorious!

I wore this outfit to every activity, even for our patio lunch. I did feel warm, but I wasn’t too warm, and the shirt and hat kept me shaded so I didn’t get sunburned. I’m not a huge fan of the shirt and boyfriend jean combination but do appreciate how well the stripes go with the denim.

Weather: High of 82°F (28°C), slightly breezy, no precipitation


Elizabeth & Clarke shirt / exact
Everlane jeans / exact (limited sizes) or similar
Madewell boots / old; similar
Leith hat / old; similar from Macy’s
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

OUTFIT 14 • Saturday, April 20th

April Style Sudoku: Outfit 14 — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I saved my final Hunter boot outfit for last, fully expecting that it wasn’t going to rain, because that would be my luck. Ha! In truth, I didn’t wear this outfit with the Hunter boots because it wasn’t raining when I was out running errands (and by that I mean going to the grocery store). A nice thunderstorm rolled through town in the late afternoon and I had my boots with me just in case, but I didn’t end up walking around outside in the rain. I wore this outfit with my brown flats instead. I’m very happy that it did end up raining because it looks like I planned my outfits out pretty well! ;)

Weather: High of 68°F (20°C), thunderstorm in the late afternoon but otherwise dry


J.Crew blazer / exact
Gap tee / old; similar
jeans / old; similar
Hunter boots / exact
Smartwool socks / exact style from Backcountry
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

Life Lately #6

Rosie and Sybil — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I haven’t shared much about my girls in a while! I couldn’t help but snap this photo—it’s rare to see them smoosh themselves together and sit like that for any period of time! I swear that Sybil (the calico on the right) just wants to be besties with Rosie because she loves sitting close to Rosie and if Rosie is getting attention, Sybil wants attention, too. Rosie doesn’t really want anything to do with Sybil, though. Haha. It always surprises and excites me when Rosie is willing to let Sybil get close to her. My heart!

Not much has changed in their world. I’m saving money for a dental for Rosie, which may require a echocardiogram first because her vet hears a heart murmur (she’s heard a murmur since the first time I took her in, and I had an echo done a few years ago but they want to check again…). Both of those will cost a pretty penny. I’ve been managing Sybil’s tendency to develop crystals in her urine due to stress by feeding her a little bit of urinary prescription food every day (and of course, trying to minimize stress, which tends to pop up when we travel/leave the house for a while).

They are currently loving the beautiful weather we’re having. I’ve been opening the windows more often, and we (the cats and I) even went out on the balcony for a little while. They make me nervous when we’re out there because they want to jump up onto the short walls or climb through the railing so I’m trying to think of what we can add to contain them so I don’t have to worry about them. Maybe some sort of screen or shade? I’d love to let them out whenever and not have to watch them. (There was one time I accidentally left Sybil out overnight. I felt terrible! And I’m so glad she was okay. We have huge owls around here that would have no problem picking up the cats if they saw them…)

At the end of March, Korri and I attended two gymnastics conference championships in the Salt Lake City area, and on our way back home, we decided to take the scenic route by detouring through Twin Falls. We stopped by Shoshone Falls, which is known as the “Niagara of the West” and is actually taller than Niagara Falls at 212 feet (right photo above). The Snake River runs through it, and though it’s normally not super impressive, the central Idaho mountains received some incredible snow amounts this past winter, so the falls were roaring—and we were sprayed by it! (Word is that it’s probably going to be even more impressive in a couple of weeks when the snow really starts melting, so we might be taking another day trip back.)

We also grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant situated right at the top of the canyon on the west side of Twin (left photo above). We had an amazing view of the Snake River and of the Perrine Bridge, which carries the main road going into Twin Falls from the interstate. It’s well-known in the base jumping world but that’s not something I ever plan on doing! The bridge, which was completed in 1976 (replacement to an old bridge), is 1,500 feet long and 486 feet above the river. I love exploring these cool places right in our home state!

The Record Exchange, downtown Boise, Idaho — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

This year’s Record Store Day landed on last Saturday, April 13th! We picked up an Audio-Technica turntable when a local business was going out of sale a couple of years ago and have been slowly building up our vinyl record collection ever since. I always take Record Store Day as an opportunity to add more records, mostly because there’s usually a couple of exclusive release I want. Plus, my list of favorite records to eventually buy keeps growing every time a new record I love is released!

This year, I picked up Imagine Dragons’ newest release, Origins, and Chvrches’ latest release, Love Is Dead. As usual, both sound incredible on vinyl! (I’ve been listening to these albums on Amazon Music pretty much every day for weeks now haha.) The one exclusive release I had my eyes on was a record of two Spotify singles by Kelsea Ballerini. It unfortunately had sold out by the time we got there, so I’m guessing they only got a couple in. Luckily, they were able to get me a copy, which I picked up today! Woohoo! Gotta love the local record stores. ;) Are you a vinyl record collector/listener?