Summer 10x10 Recap

Summer 10x10: 10 items - 10 outfits - 10 days — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I've got another 10x10 challenge under my belt! While I still don't consider myself a closet minimalist even though I've now done two 10x10 challenges, I can appreciate a smaller wardrobe, especially when it comes to workwear. It was super easy to get dressed in the morning because I already had the outfits planned in advance! I also enjoyed how I was able to create ten different outfits with only ten pieces, and I don't think it was too boring considering I only included pants this time. It definitely helped that I left the shoes out of the ten pieces this time. 

If you want to see all ten pieces in detail, check out my first summer 10x10 post or catch all posts in my remixes subsection; otherwise, read on for the rest of the recap! :)


I actually liked most of my outfits this time around! For only dressing with ten items, I liked how the outfits turned out. They were all very wearable and were exact outfits I would have worn had I not blogged them. (Real talk: I honestly do wear all the outfits I blog, but some are definitely more "put together" than my usual day-to-day outfits, mostly because I like to have a bit of fun for "blog" outfits.) I wore minimal jewelry and accessories and was pretty predictable when it came to my choice of shoes. These four (outfits 1, 4, 6, and 7) were my very favorite, but it was a tough decision! I'd repeat almost all of them to be honest. My blazer made an appearance in three of the four, so obviously that was a great item to include. ;) I love how simple each outfit was but little details really made the difference: a tropical-print shirt, some colorblocking, stripes, a little bling... They came together effortlessly. :)


Because I really didn't hate any of the outfits, it was difficult for me to pick two least favorites; really, the only outfit I wouldn't repeat is the one on the right above (outfit 8). The colors combination didn't jive well and I kind of forced myself to do something different with the black belt and loafers when I should have just gone with my gut. The reason why I'm also showing outfit 3 is because I'm not crazy about the color of the grey cardigan with the cotton-linen pants (or how the cardigan falls at the widest point of my hips and the pants seem to enhance that), but that's being really picky, haha. 


  • Item most reached for: Linen blazer (5x—4 blogged outfits + 1 as extra layer) followed by my white skinny jeans (4x)
  • Least favorite item: Denim vest (probably obvious since I only wore it once, but I didn't hate the outfit I wore it in)
  • Number of shoes worn: 6 different pairs (this wasn't planned at all; I just didn't want to wear 10 different pairs)
  • Weather: Didn't really pay attention or matter since I was inside for 9-10 hours per day, but it was easy to shed a top layer if needed. No rain meant no issues with footwear!
  • Laundry: Done midway through first week (ran out of underwear) and at end of first week (stained my gingham shirt/tightened up my cardigan and cotton-linen pants); didn't have problems with sweat since I hardly spent any time outside.
  • Did I wear anything extra? Nope! I stuck to my core pieces and only added different jewelry and shoes. I didn't wear any of these items on the weekend, but that's because this was strictly a "workwear" challenge so I gave myself (and my clothes) the weekend off.
Summer 10x10 minimalist wardrobe challenge — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


Overall, I'm glad I challenged myself to complete another 10x10 remix. It's good for me to have self-imposed limitations every once in a while to keep things interesting and remind myself that I can do more with my wardrobe than I think I can. (And to use it as a way to keep myself from shopping as much even though I still shopped this month, ha.) I confirmed what I already knew about my style: I'm predictable and pretty confident in what I like to wear!

Originally I had wished that I could have included a skirt or dress instead of three pairs of pants, but I'm actually glad I had a uniform during the challenge. I didn't have to think too hard when it came to putting together outfits because of that. It's worth noting that in my winter 10x10 recap, I made a note to myself to not include an item just for the sake of variety, and including a dress or skirt in this 10x10 would have been to add some variety. I'm also proud of myself for including bits of color and pattern with my items because it was really fun to have a light, summery color palette that actually included some color versus just neutrals. Everything pretty much went with everything else, though I didn't wear the gingham shirt with the denim vest because it looked a little bit too "western" for my taste.

I have no plans to do another 10x10 (especially because it's next to impossible for me to work and blog every single day), but you never know what the future may hold!

Summer 10x10 — Outfit 10

Pink gingham shirt outfit with linen blazer and white denim — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Linen blazer work outfit with pink gingham shirt — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Linen blazer summer work outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
White skinny jeans summer work outfit with linen blazer — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

It's the last day! Woohoo! I'm really excited to see the rest of my closet next week, but I'm also going to miss how easy it was to get dressed everyday. I should definitely think about planning my outfits ahead of time to cut down on crazy mornings... 

My boyfriend said that this outfit was his favorite out of all of them. I don't share the same sentiment, though, haha. I'm wearing my linen blazer/white skinny jeans "suit" that I wore in the first look (which is still my favorite), and I actually do like how the gingham shirt looks with it. I folded the wrists over the blazer so the pink gingham could peek out. Here I have the shirt tucked in, but it looks so sloppy in the photos! I swear I had it looking nice before we started shooting, haha. I ended up leaving the shirt untucked in real life (it's on my Insta stories right now!) for a more casual Friday vibe. I'm not crazy about the shoe choice, but I didn't know what else would have worked better other than my beige wedges (I decided those needed a break). What shoes would you have picked?

Another 10x10 down! I'll be back on Tuesday (hopefully) with a full recap of the challenge. :)


I know that those "10 items every women should have in her closet" lists are dumb because there's not one list of items that fits every person's personal style. That said, it seems like white denim in some form is a staple in pretty much everyone's wardrobe. White denim shorts and pants are definitely staples for me in the warmer months! These jeans from LOFT have been my most-reached for item in this challenge aside from my linen blazer, not surprisingly. LOFT brings them back every spring, and they are still available now (buy them when they're doing a promo!). I got them in a size 24 petite because they ran large for me and I wanted the shorter length. They stretch out a bit with wear but washing them shrinks them back (I don't tumble dry them). Of course, the white stains easily, but I haven't had any issues with set-in stains! Bonus: they're not crazy see-through! If these aren't your jam, I rounded up more white skinny jean options at different price points below.

1) Modern skinny jeans by LOFT ($70, on sale for $65) / Working front pockets and the least sheer of all the white jeans I tried on back in this post. Available in regular and petite sizes.

2) Modern fresh cut skinny jeans by LOFT ($70, on sale for $65) / Very similar style but with raw hems and a slightly cropped length. Reviews say they aren't see-through. Available in regular sizes.

3) Mid-rise stay white Rockstar skinny jeans by Old Navy ($44, on sale for $32) / Features coin pockets and stain-repellant technology. Cotton/polyester blend. Available in regular, tall, and petite sizes (regular sizes are available in short, regular, and long lengths). 

4) Nico ankle super skinny jeans by Hudson ($165, on sale for $99) / Mostly cotton with a bit of polyester. 30" inseam. Some reviews mention that they're slightly sheer and have fake front pockets. Available in most sizes.

5) 9-inch high-rise skinny jeans by Madewell ($125) / Mostly cotton with a bit of polyester. 28.5" inseam. 


J.Crew Factory blazer / exact (on sale!)
J.Crew Factory shirt / old; similar by J.Crew
LOFT jeans / exact (similar options above)
Earth flats c/o / exact (last seen here

Summer 10x10 — Outfit 9

Striped lace-up top outfit with green chino pants — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Army green chino pants work outfit with gold flats — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Summer work outfit with army green chino pants — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue striped lace-up top outfit with green chinos and gold flats — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Truly the best part of a 10x10 challenge (and shooting the looks ahead of time) in my opinion is the fact that I already know exactly what I'm going to wear for the week, so all I have to do in the morning is get dressed without needing to think too hard about it. That gives me time to hit the snooze button one more time because it only takes me a couple of minutes to get dressed!

I had another day of training today, which meant another very early morning. Today's look feels more casual than the others with just the lace-up top and chinos, and I think it's because I decided not to tuck the shirt at all. I kept it loose and comfortable and pushed up the sleeves to add even more of the casual vibe. :) I did end up bringing my linen blazer with me since the classroom tends to be on the chillier side, and it was well appreciated! 

Tomorrow is the final day—yay!


I don't jump on every trend, but every once in a while there's a trend that I can't help but try for myself. I was immediately drawn to the lace-up top trend. They looked like a fun twist on basic tops—especially striped tops, of which you know I own a ton. ;) I just didn't like the tops that had those shoelace-like laces (why?!), so when I saw this top at LOFT last year I decided to give it a try (a few months earlier, Madewell had a very similar top that I tried on but it ended up being a bit too sheer for my taste). Not surprisingly, I fell in love and have worn it a bunch ever since! I ordered it in both an XS regular and XS petite and ended up keeping the XS petite because the regular fit way too oversized. The sleeves on the petite are a bit short on my long arms but I like how the body fits. The only downside is the fact that the tie is unravelling in one place. :( I wonder if a tailor could stitch it back up for me? I'd hate for it to fall apart! Still, I'm glad I gave the trend a try because I was pleasantly surprised. It's not too late to try the trend yourself, so I found a few more that have a similar style below!

1) Multicolor rayon stripe Mandarin collar stripe lace-up shirt by Mod-o-doc ($84) / Very similar style with banded collar, lace-up front, and elastic cuffs. Rayon. Available in light blue/grey stripes.

2) Signature lace-up seersucker shirt by L.L.Bean ($89) / Similar style but with 3/4-length sleeves. Cotton/polyester blend. Available in blue/neon orange stripes in most sizes.

3) Stripe lace-up shirt by Joe Fresh ($29, on sale for $20) / Similar style with roll tabs on the sleeves and a high-low hem. Cotton. Available in white with grey stripes or light pink with light grey/red stripes.

4) Striped lace-up top by Old Navy ($30) / Features fluttery short sleeves and a relaxed fit through the body. Rayon. Available in blue/white stripes.

5) Striped lace-up bell-sleeve hi-low top by Westbound ($50, on sale for $29) / Similar style with banded collar but with 3/4-length bell sleeves and high-low hem. Cotton. Available in light blue and white stripes or light khaki and white stripes.


LOFT top / old; similar options above
J.Crew pants / old; similar by Old Navy
J.Crew flats / old; similar by Sam Edelman (last seen here)
Madewell earrings / similar