Side zippers, shorts, and sandals

Black and grey spring outfit with sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
J.Crew grey chino shorts outfit with black top — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
How to wear black in the spring — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Grey shorts outfit with black sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

In typical May fashion, the weather has been a rollercoaster between above-average warmth and snow (it snowed a week ago and was almost 90°F yesterday, for example). I took a recent warm day as a chance to finally pull out a pair of shorts! I picked this grey pair up from J.Crew a couple of months ago when they were on major sale, well before it was warm enough to even think about wearing shorts. Their 4" chino shorts are my favorite non-denim shorts (though I've read mixed reviews on their new version with added stretch, so I'm skeptical and haven't tried them yet). I found that 3" shorts feel a little bit too short to wear to school and 5" shorts feel somewhat matronly, so 4" is perfect for me.

Since the rise on these shorts isn't too low, I opted to pair them with my old boxy textured top from Anthropologie. I've had this top for a little over three years now and my love for it is still going strong! I'm still a fan of its cropped, boxy shape and the interesting side zipper detail. The only thing I don't love about it is the fact that it seems to attract cat hair like crazy, but I deal with the lint rolling. ;)


Anthropologie top / old; similar by White House Black Market (last seen here)
J.Crew shorts / new version
Madewell belt / old; similar
Steve Madden sandals / similar (last seen here)
Kate Spade earrings / old; similar
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by American Eagle Outfitters
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

Change is on the horizon

Navy and black spring outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Navy cotton poplin skirt outfit with plaid dress — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane cotton poplin skirt in navy with plaid dress and black ankle boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane cotton poplin skirt + vintage Coach Court bag — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Navy skirt outfit with plaid dress and black ankle boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I'm still firmly in the pro-navy-and-black camp as evidenced by this outfit. Even though the color combination is dark, the short sleeves and short skirt make this perfect for mild spring days. This was one of those perfect days where a skirt and ankle boots (sans tights) felt appropriate for the weather. Can we get more of these days and fewer snowstorms/85°+ degree days, please? #wishcasting

For this post, I thought it'd be fun (and appropriate) to answer these five life-related questions posed by Grechen a week ago.

What are you doing this summer?

I'm moving back to Idaho after I defend and turn in my dissertation! Hopefully I'll have a job lined up by then (and if I don't, then I'll be job hunting). I've got a week in Florida planned with my family and then I hope to see the solar eclipse, but that's the extent of my summer plans as of right now.

How’s work? Any big changes on the horizon?

My job as a professional student is coming to an end, so I guess you could say that's a pretty big change! ;) I'm not sure yet where I will end up next but I'm hopeful that something will come along soon. I'm very worried about not having a job and then losing my health insurance in August when I'm no longer under my student health insurance.

What’s something you really look forward to in the next couple of months?

I'm moving back to my hometown to be closer to my family, so I'm excited for that even though moving sucks! I'm also looking forward to moving into my boyfriend's place (and decorating, hehe).

Any challenges you’re working your way through right now?

I'm working through a few challenges: worrying that I won't do well when I defend my dissertation in a couple of days/feeling like I don't "know enough" to defend; feeling bittersweet about leaving Utah next month and trying not to take the mountains for granted; suddenly not wanting to let go of some items I listed on my Poshmark even though normally once something is listed on Poshmark, I'm ready to let go. I'm not sure where that last one is coming from, but perhaps it's related to all the other changes happening in my life. I'm not good with change.

How are you feeling? In general, specifically, whatever…

Stressed. Nervous. Anxious. Excited. Hopeful. Thankful.

I'm also a bit frustrated. I've been doing some kind of daily workout/stretching regularly since about mid-February and it doesn't feel like I'm getting stronger/fitter or more flexible. UGH! I know I shouldn't give up but it's so hard to want to keep going when I'm not seeing or feeling results. (Is three months too soon to see or feel results?)

Now it's your turn!

  1. What are you doing this summer?
  2. How’s work? Any big changes on the horizon?
  3. What’s something you really look forward to in the next couple of months?
  4. Any challenges you’re working your way through right now?
  5. How are you feeling? In general, specifically, whatever…


AQUA dress / old; similar by BB Dakota or similar by Calvin Klein (last seen here)
Everlane skirt / exact (limited sizes) (last seen here)
Madewell boots / similar by Gap
Coach bag / exact style on eBay
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by American Eagle Outfitters
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact

Why I still have a regular blog in a world of instablogs

Why I still have a regular blog in a world of instablogs — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

{via Instagram}

With the rise of microblogs on Instagram (or "instablogs" as I've seen them called) comes a question as to whether or not traditional blogging is dying or dead. Many fellow bloggers and some other websites have declared that blogging is dead, but is it really? It seems like every day I see someone in the comments section of my favorite blogs saying that they were recently inspired to start their own blog. Sure, the market may be saturated now, but I don't really think that blogging itself is dead.

I guess it may be "dead" if you're thinking about the money-making potential. It's probably nearly impossible to reach Gal Meets Glam-level status if you start your blog now that there are a million and one blogs out in the world—and factor in the number of "instablogs" and that number seems to increase as quickly as the digits of pi. But most of us who do blog don't do it for the potential of making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Some bloggers are lucky enough to make it their full-time gig, but that was never my goal going into it (though sometimes this whole lack-of-jobs-in-my-field thing makes me wish I could blog full-time, haha). We just love to share and connect with like-minded people!

I've been blogging now for a little over three and a half years (where has the time gone?) and have seen the rise of instablogs. It seems that now many people prefer using the platform as their "blog" and also prefer following others on solely their Instagram instead of on their actual blog. There are a few reasons why I don't do these two things myself and why I still hold onto my own space on the internet with my own personal domain.

When I decide to follow someone, it's almost always through their blog first. I enjoy reading blogs and looking at the variety of photos that tie each post together. If I think the blogger is authentic and I'm genuinely interested in their life, that's when I choose to follow them on their social media accounts. I don't follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram that appear to only shill product (and/or post too much), and I like to follow people on social media to get a glimpse of their real life (life "behind the scenes" if you will). A lot of people (myself included) post blog photos, which is fine, but I also enjoy the iPhone photos and also the near-real-time stories.

I myself don't use Instagram as my normal blog because of the things I mentioned above: I enjoy writing posts longer than an Instagram caption and curating photos for each post. (I really don't like writing Instagram captions because I never feel like I get it just right.) I'm also holding onto my own blog—even though the digital world seems to be swarming to Instagram—because it's mine. I own it, it's my content, and I can choose what is displayed here. I love having an online space to call "home"! I'm more than just a pretty, perfectly filtered, and cohesive photo feed.

I'm also on Instagram way less than I used to be thanks to the new algorithm change. (It is actually nice to not be on it all the time, so that's one positive I guess.) It's nearly impossible for me to grow even when I put in the effort, so I've decided to just kind of keep it as an extension of my blog for whoever prefers using Instagram (with the occasional cat photo, of course). As much as I don't care about the money aspect, my Instagram doesn't seem to provide me with more opportunity, so that's why I don't treat it as my normal blog. Plus, even though it seems unlikely right now, it's totally possible that Instagram could disappear...and then what? All the people who worked hard on their instablogs suddenly have nothing to show for it. I don't really have to worry about that.

Anyway, these were a lot of rambling thoughts on a subject that has gotten additional attention over the past few months. If you read this, I assume you like following normal blogs, too; what are your thoughts on instablogs vs. regular blogs?