Everlane reviews: Sweaters and chunky knit cardigan

I have amassed quite the clothing collection from Everlane in the past couple of years, so I figured it was time to do proper reviews on my items. I've broken the reviews into two posts: one containing the sweaters and one containing the tees. First up, the sweaters! I own a seed stitch u-neck sweater, a cropped cashmere crewneck sweater, two cashmere crewneck sweaters, and a chunky knit cardigan.

For sizing reference, I am typically a size XS/0 at J.Crew, Madewell, LOFT, Anthropologie, Gap, and Banana Republic. I wear a size 4-6 in H&M and its sister stores (depending on the item). For stores that use juniors sizing, such as Forever 21 and ModCloth, I am usually a size small. My Uniqlo size is either XS or small (again, depending on the item). Everlane includes garment measurements for each item, which I find incredibly helpful when it comes to determining the right size to buy.

Everlane 'The Original Seed Stitch U-Neck' in black -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Original Seed Stitch U-Neck (black, size XS)

This was the first Everlane sweater I owned; I received it as a birthday gift a couple of years ago. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked the fit of the XS (the sleeve length is a bit short on me), but I like the fit of it now. The XS hugs my arms yet is not too snug in the body, and it drapes really nicely even after being washed. The seed stitch is very soft, as the description states. It did pill a bit at the lower back, but it's easy to take the pills off. It's also not a sweater I'd recommend you'd wear around cats since claws can easily snag the stitches, and it's a pain to de-hair. (Note to self: STOP WEARING AROUND CATS!) It stretches out some in the elbows with wear, which is to be expected. This is definitely a fantastic basic sweater, though. I'm happy with it! I wash it on delicate and hang it to dry on my drying rack and it looks great still. 

How I wore it: with a bomber jacketwith a floral skirt, with burgundy and stripes

Everlane 'The Cashmere Cropped Crew' in burgundy -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Cashmere Cropped Crew (burgundy, size XS)

This sweater was love at first sight. I adore the cropped shape, which falls exactly at my natural waist. I also love how it's slightly longer in the back. The fit is perfect; it's slightly boxy in the body but drapes very well. The only thing I would change about it is the dropped shoulders (and the seams that kind of stick out), but the boxy fit is achieved with the dropped shoulders. The color is a deep burgundy that goes with everything. The cashmere is soft and feels high quality for the price (though I only own Everlane cashmere and can't compare to other brands). Overall, I'm very happy I bought this sweater, and I plan to add the black sweater to my collection next fall/winter.

How I wore it: with a flannel shirtwith a dress

Everlane 'The Cashmere Crew' in rose -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane 'The Cashmere Crew' in blush -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Cashmere Crew (rose, size S & blush, size S)

I purchased the rose sweater in January of last year. I loved it so much that I asked for the same sweater in blush for my birthday this past September. I ordered the rose sweater in a size small so I could layer under it without making the layers look bulky, and I decided the same for the blush sweater. However, the blush sweater is slightly larger overall than the rose sweater. I prefer the fit of the rose sweater because the blush sweater feels too big. I think Everlane did slightly alter the fit of the cashmere crew sweaters at some point last year, but I'm not completely sure. The blush sweater is slightly sheer, and I prefer wearing it with a camisole or tank top underneath because of that. I'd imagine other lighter colors are the same way. I also think the rose sweater felt softer than the blush sweater. I had the rose sweater dry cleaned over the summer, and it came back looking kind of ragged (you can see what I mean in the photo of my back). I'm planning on hand washing my cashmere from now on to avoid that.

How I wore the rose sweater: with a black mini skirtwith a tulle skirt, with burgundy, with dark green & camel
How I wore the blush sweater:
with burgundy pants, with a plaid coat, with army greenwith windowpane

Everlane 'The Chunky Knit Cardigan' in ivory -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Chunky Knit Cardigan (ivory, size S)

I have owned this cardigan for a few months, and I love it. I basically wore it all winter because it is incredibly warm and it feels like a blanket! If I were to buy it over again, I'd probably get it in a size XS because the small is a bit too oversized. Because of that, I don't wear it out as much as I would if it fit more snugly. However, I wore it a ton just lounging around the house. It has pilled quite a bit, especially along the arms, which I guess is because this is from the original chunky knit collection. Apparently, this problem was fixed in the newest collection. I hand-washed this cardigan, and even though it was difficult (I swear it weighs 50 pounds when wet), it turned out good as new!

How I wore it: with a shirtdress, with stripes, with a felt hat


If you found these reviews helpful and are new to Everlane, please consider making an account with my referral link. I would appreciate it so much! :)