Life Lately #7

Rainbow dress + Boise Boba at the Saturday market — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I recently rediscovered my love of boba thanks to the boba trend that’s seemingly taken over Boise. It honestly seems like a new boba place opens every week! I tried a peach and strawberry smoothie with boba from Boise Boba the last time I was downtown for the Saturday farmers market and OMG. It’s my new favorite drink! I’m already planning to get another one this weekend. Are you a boba fan? What kind of drink do you like with boba?

P.S. My rainbow-striped dress from Madewell is now on sale (+ an extra 30% off!) or it’s also available from Nordstrom (who may price match if you ask!).

Korri and I were in Minneapolis last weekend to visit his parents and go to the Vikings preseason football game against the Seahawks (my boyfriend is a huge Seahawks fan; we went to the opening home game in Seattle last year!). Unfortunately, the Vikings won the game, but it didn’t matter since it was only a preseason game. ;) The U.S. Bank Stadium is a great stadium as far as professional football stadiums go. We saw Taylor Swift there almost a year ago so it was fun to be back!

Besides the game, we also stopped at the Mall of America, of course. (I made a return at Nordstrom and picked up this belt bag and another striped shirt from Madewell—both on sale.) We checked out the aircraft viewing area at the airport—so fun if you’re an aviation geek like I am—and grabbed some food at the Sandcastle restaurant at Lake Nokomis. We also rode the train to Minnehaha Park to check out the falls. You’d have no idea the falls were there! They’re hidden down in the park. It’s an absolutely gorgeous area. There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather. We really got lucky with the weather with high 70s/low 80s and relatively low humidity by Minnesota standards. We did have storms one night, so Korri and I got to enjoy a nice lightning show.

Ice cream and wine flight at The STIL, Boise, Idaho — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I met up with a couple of girlfriends a couple of weeks ago to catch up on life at one of my favorite local spots, The STIL (short for the “sweetest things in life”), known for their fun flavors and alcohol-infused ice creams. The STIL features unique blends of ice cream, including varieties that are vegan and/or gluten-free. One of my favorite flavors is strawberry rosé, but this get together introduced my brand new favorite (non-alcoholic) flavor to me: almond creme, Oreo bits, and chunks of waffle cone. OMG, it is heaven! I’ve been craving that flavor basically nonstop since then.

We ordered an ice cream and wine flight to share (beer flights are also available) and got to pick the flavors of the ice cream and wine that we wanted. It was actually surprisingly tasty to pair the ice cream with wine! Korri and I go to The STIL often for a quick sweet treat (I got him hooked on the heavenly almond creme flavor) and I want to take him to get a flight when we have the time…hopefully sometime soon before summer is over!

Life Lately #6

Rosie and Sybil — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I haven’t shared much about my girls in a while! I couldn’t help but snap this photo—it’s rare to see them smoosh themselves together and sit like that for any period of time! I swear that Sybil (the calico on the right) just wants to be besties with Rosie because she loves sitting close to Rosie and if Rosie is getting attention, Sybil wants attention, too. Rosie doesn’t really want anything to do with Sybil, though. Haha. It always surprises and excites me when Rosie is willing to let Sybil get close to her. My heart!

Not much has changed in their world. I’m saving money for a dental for Rosie, which may require a echocardiogram first because her vet hears a heart murmur (she’s heard a murmur since the first time I took her in, and I had an echo done a few years ago but they want to check again…). Both of those will cost a pretty penny. I’ve been managing Sybil’s tendency to develop crystals in her urine due to stress by feeding her a little bit of urinary prescription food every day (and of course, trying to minimize stress, which tends to pop up when we travel/leave the house for a while).

They are currently loving the beautiful weather we’re having. I’ve been opening the windows more often, and we (the cats and I) even went out on the balcony for a little while. They make me nervous when we’re out there because they want to jump up onto the short walls or climb through the railing so I’m trying to think of what we can add to contain them so I don’t have to worry about them. Maybe some sort of screen or shade? I’d love to let them out whenever and not have to watch them. (There was one time I accidentally left Sybil out overnight. I felt terrible! And I’m so glad she was okay. We have huge owls around here that would have no problem picking up the cats if they saw them…)

At the end of March, Korri and I attended two gymnastics conference championships in the Salt Lake City area, and on our way back home, we decided to take the scenic route by detouring through Twin Falls. We stopped by Shoshone Falls, which is known as the “Niagara of the West” and is actually taller than Niagara Falls at 212 feet (right photo above). The Snake River runs through it, and though it’s normally not super impressive, the central Idaho mountains received some incredible snow amounts this past winter, so the falls were roaring—and we were sprayed by it! (Word is that it’s probably going to be even more impressive in a couple of weeks when the snow really starts melting, so we might be taking another day trip back.)

We also grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant situated right at the top of the canyon on the west side of Twin (left photo above). We had an amazing view of the Snake River and of the Perrine Bridge, which carries the main road going into Twin Falls from the interstate. It’s well-known in the base jumping world but that’s not something I ever plan on doing! The bridge, which was completed in 1976 (replacement to an old bridge), is 1,500 feet long and 486 feet above the river. I love exploring these cool places right in our home state!

The Record Exchange, downtown Boise, Idaho — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

This year’s Record Store Day landed on last Saturday, April 13th! We picked up an Audio-Technica turntable when a local business was going out of sale a couple of years ago and have been slowly building up our vinyl record collection ever since. I always take Record Store Day as an opportunity to add more records, mostly because there’s usually a couple of exclusive release I want. Plus, my list of favorite records to eventually buy keeps growing every time a new record I love is released!

This year, I picked up Imagine Dragons’ newest release, Origins, and Chvrches’ latest release, Love Is Dead. As usual, both sound incredible on vinyl! (I’ve been listening to these albums on Amazon Music pretty much every day for weeks now haha.) The one exclusive release I had my eyes on was a record of two Spotify singles by Kelsea Ballerini. It unfortunately had sold out by the time we got there, so I’m guessing they only got a couple in. Luckily, they were able to get me a copy, which I picked up today! Woohoo! Gotta love the local record stores. ;) Are you a vinyl record collector/listener?

A spontaneous trip to Oregon

Windy day on the Oregon Coast — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Well, I think you could call Korri and me crazy college gymnastics fans for real now. Haha! Last weekend, we decided to spontaneously hop on a plane to Portland, Oregon, and then drive an hour and a half south to Corvallis to catch the gymnastics regional competition at Oregon State University. (Regionals marks the start of the NCAA tournament. The top 36 teams are sorted into four regional sites. Play-in meets on day one narrow the field down to the “round of 32” for day two, and then it’s cut down to the “sweet 16”, who compete on day three for a spot in the “elite 8” at nationals.) Our hometown team, Boise State, ended up being seeded in the Corvallis regional, and we wanted to support them and also watch other top teams that we hadn’t seen in person before.

The night before our trip, as I was trying to fall asleep, I thought to myself how weird and coincidental it would be if our plane to Portland was the Oregon State plane…and lo and behold…IT WAS THE OREGON STATE PLANE! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I’m probably the only person who thinks that’s hilarious but that’s okay. I was very amused by our luck!

We landed in Portland early on Friday, rented a car (it only cost us $55 for two days plus gas), and headed south. We stopped for a bite to eat and to walk around the Woodburn Premium Outlets, a super nice—and large—outlet mall just south of Portland. Korri bought himself a rain jacket at The North Face outlet, which was a wise decision since it ended up raining all weekend. I had brought my new rain jacket along for a test drive.

After walking around the outlets, we got back on the road to continue the drive to Corvallis. Boise State’s meet started in the early afternoon. As the 12th-ranked team, they competed against No. 5 Denver, Washington, and Southern Utah. They met all three teams in regular season meets, and Denver was the only team we hadn’t seen in person. Individual gymnasts from non-qualifying teams were also at the regionals, and one of our favorites, Sophia Hyderally of Alaska, rotated with Boise State. Sophia competed on beam and I truly don’t understand how she didn’t score better than a 9.9!

Boise State came in second right behind Denver, securing their place in the “sweet 16” and in the regional final meet on Saturday. We had a couple of hours to kill before the evening meet and decided to eat at Block 15 Brewing in downtown Corvallis. I picked their special—a half rack of ribs—and OMG! The meat was so tender it fell off the bones. It was outstanding! We also shared a plate of fries. ;)

The evening meet consisted of No. 4 Florida, No. 15 Oregon State, Stanford, and Iowa. Three gymnasts from Utah State competed as individuals, including Madi Ward-Sessions. Madi is my favorite tumbler on floor. She is absolutely incredible to watch in person, and I loved that we were able to see her in her final meet as a senior! (Both Sophia and Madi were so close to qualifying to nationals as individuals!) I was also excited to watch Florida in person. The energy in the arena with the Oregon State fans was high, and I knew that the meet on Saturday would be intense! Florida and Oregon State advanced to day three to compete against Denver and Boise State. The top two from each regional final meet go on to compete at nationals.

Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Pacific Ocean at Boiler Bay Viewpoint, Oregon Coast — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Corvallis is about an hour away from the Oregon Coast, so on Saturday morning, we drove out to see the ocean! We stopped first at Nye Beach in Newport. We could tell the waves were massive, and we drove north to Yaquina Head Lighthouse (officially the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area) to get a better view. The visitor center noted that the seas were “moderately smooth,” which means waves up to 21 feet. Pretty sure I would never want to be on the water with 21-foot waves! Haha.

We wandered down to Cobble Beach while at Yaquina Head to get up close. There were quite a few “sneaker” waves that surprised us! I loved the sound the waves made as the water rushed over the cobbles. The geology in that area is so cool! We drove farther north past Depoe Bay to the Boiler Bay Viewpoint, where the waves were crashing like crazy against the cliffsides. We got lucky with no rain at the coast but did get sprayed with saltwater at Boiler Bay.

We made one more stop on our way back to Corvallis at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. It’s located close to the aquarium, and wow, what a cool place—especially if you’re into marine science! It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, and I found it to be super interesting with lots of hands-on activities.

The rain joined us again when we got back to Corvallis, just in time for a baseball game! Korri heard that the Oregon State baseball team (2018 national champions) was at home over the weekend, so we made sure to catch the second game of a doubleheader. We stayed for about an hour before the rain started absolutely pouring. We left to dry off and grab pizza before the final gymnastics meet started.

Oregon State baseball versus Utah, April 2019 — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I knew the Saturday meet would be a lot of fun, but I still had a lot of nervous energy because I wanted the Broncos to do well! Florida started on beam and ended up counting a fall in their total score, so they were in 4th place after the first rotation and again after the second rotation. Even though Florida fought until the end, Oregon State was on their game and ended up upsetting Florida for the second place finish and trip to nationals! It was the only regionals with an upset, and no one in the gym world predicted that Florida, the #4 team, would not make it to nationals. I’m slightly bummed because Boise State had a chance to make their first nationals appearance, but I know they will get there someday! :)

We headed out of Corvallis very early on Sunday morning to catch an early flight out of Portland. All in all, I am so happy we decided to jump on the plane to Portland. I love when we do random trips like this, especially when they’re tied to gymnastics and the ocean! ;) We don’t have any other trips planned as of now but hopefully that’ll change soon! Who knows, maybe we’ll do something spontaneous again soon…ha!