Best purchases of 2016

And now for the fun best purchases of 2016! I looked back at all of my purchases from the past year and picked out six items that I would 100% buy again. These items were all worn quite often (confirmed by checking stats in my Stylebook app) and definitely earned a permanent spot in my wardrobe for as long as they live. ;) Most of my best buys this year were accessories or shoes, not surprisingly. I own fewer of those in comparison to tops, so they are worn more often because of that.

Best purchase of 2016: J.Crew 'Gemma' ballet flats in metallic gold — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

J.Crew 'Gemma' Ballet Flats {purchased January 2016}
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I am pleasantly surprised by how much I wore these flats since I got them. I was worried that because they are so pretty, they wouldn't get worn as much for fear of "ruining" them. I wore them 12 times total over the year, including the outfits in my spring style sudoku. While they gave me a little bit of pain when I first started wearing them, they're now pretty comfortable (though I imagine I will get blisters again after going so long without wearing flats during the winter!). The metallic gold is perfect to spice up my wardrobe!

Best purchase of 2016: Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Maise' satchel in mulled wine — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Maise' Satchel {purchased March 2016}
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I bought this bag in the beginning of the year because I loved the style of the bag and I figured a burgundy bag would get a lot of use in my wardrobe, especially in the fall and winter. Even though I spent more on it than I wanted, I have used it way more than I expected to. I wore it a total of 21 days and took it with me to Vienna; it made an excellent travel companion! I'm glad I decided to splurge on it because it really has been a workhorse for me.

Best purchase of 2016: Madewell pave stud earrings — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Madewell Pavé Stud Earrings {purchased March 2016}
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I am not at all surprised that these earrings made this list. I almost put them in the honorable mentions because I thought it was too obvious to include them, haha. I wore them 27 times in the past year and probably would have worn them more if not for my desire to mix it up every once in a while and give them a break. ;) The cost per wear is already down to 40 cents, which is awesome! There's nothing that doesn't go with really simple, neutral studs like these, and I'm happy to have them as an option.

Best purchase of 2016: Gorjana 'Taner' bar necklace — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Gorjana 'Taner' Bar Necklace {purchased April 2016}
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This necklace was my first (and so far only) purchased off of Poshmark. I loved the look of the necklace but the retail price was a little too much for my budget, so I was really happy to find it secondhand. Not surprisingly, I love its simplicity and how well it seamlessly fits into my wardrobe. It doesn't work with every neckline, but that's okay! I think one of my goals for this year is to focus on simplifying my jewelry (both in number of items and the style), and this necklace is a perfect starting point.

Best purchase of 2016: L.L.Bean original boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

L.L.Bean Original Boots {purchased October 2016}
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These boots were my only boot purchase for the entire year. Isn't that crazy?! I'm kind of surprised by that since I love boots so much! I'm so glad I bought these to use as an alternative to my yellow Hunter boots on rainy days, especially since my Hunter boots have developed a crack. (These aren't warm enough for snow and winter in general, and I already have two pairs of winter boots. But I've been considering buying shearling insoles for these.) I've worn them seven times since I bought them and plan to wear them a lot more once the snow turns to rain. Expect to see these in future outfit posts!

Best purchase of 2016: Uniqlo warm tech down military coat — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Uniqlo Warm Tech Down Military Coat {purchased December 2016}
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I've had this coat for less than a month, yet I already know it's going to be a major player for the rest of this winter and for—hopefully—many winters to come. It was my most-worn item in all of December with ten wears, and I know I'll be wearing it basically nonstop until spring makes its appearance. I'm in love with the style of the coat. The length is perfect, the pockets are large, and I'm obsessed with the huge hood. The color obviously goes with anything. It's warm and can manage temperatures well below 32°F with the right layers underneath. I'm just so happy that I decided to buy it when I did and not wait. I hope Uniqlo brings this coat back in future seasons so others can experience it!

Honorable mentions go to the vintage Coach 'Court' bag (seen here, here, and here), my dream shoes: the Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats (seen here and here), and the Uniqlo ultra light down vest (seen here). Funny how all three of these happen to be navy. ;)