December budget

December 2016 wardrobe additions β€” Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Uniqlo warm tech down military coat (seen here): $121 (originally $150)
Uniqlo ultra light down vest (seen here): $39 (originally $50)
Madewell Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Aurora Plaid (via eBay): $23 (originally $79.50)*
Everlane cashmere crew: $8 (originally $100 + $5 shipping; used coupon and credit)
Everlane lounge sweater hoodie: $28 (originally $68; used credit)*
Grana pima waffle boyfriend crewneck sweater (review here): $89 (used credit)
Grana pima joggers (c/o; review here)
Grana silk cashmere oversized tank (c/o; review here)
Grana cashmere boyfriend cardigan (c/o; review here)
Charter Club cashmere-lined leather tech gloves (via Macy's; seen here; gift)
Amour Vert 'Kendra' cable knit sweater (seen here; gift)

* used earnings from Poshmark sales

December Total = $168

$400 (quarterly budget) - $168 (December) = $232 left for January and February

I don't know what it is about December, but I always go more overboard than I plan to. This month, I didn't spend a whole lot more than usual, but I did add more to my wardrobe than I had initially planned. That said, I still added fewer items this year than I did last year; see all of my 2016 wardrobe additions on this Pinterest board. I added 70 items but that does include some socks which aren't as visible in outfits as other items are. I did manage to sell 34 of my previously regularly-worn wardrobe items on Poshmark this year, so at least there's that. I hope to add fewer items overall again next year.

I started the month with a pre-Black Friday purchase from Uniqlo. The coat and vest were both worthy additions to my cold-weather wardrobe. I got the coat in my usual size XS which fits well with layers underneath (reviews say it runs large but it's not overwhelming so). The vest I ended up purchasing in a size small due to reviews and it was the right choice. I also found myself browsing eBay one evening and came across the flannel Madewell shirt. I decided to bid because I had been wanting it, and I ended up winning the auction. It's in my usual XS but it's a bit tighter in the bust than I anticipated.

I used a coupon and my credit at Everlane to buy another cashmere sweater because I have an addiction. ;) I got this one in size XS which fits well, though I can't layer under it like I can my other cashmere in size small. I also picked up the lounge sweater hoodie because I tend to lounge around in old shirts, and creating a cuter loungewear wardrobe is one of my goals for this next year. I got that in my usual XS. I added a few new items from Grana this month thanks in part to the brand sending me some items to review. I also bought the waffle knit sweater with credit. I love everything I got! I've been wearing the sweater hoodie and pima joggers together and it's the perfect outfit to lounge in without feeling sloppy.

I rounded out December with a couple of gifts: a pair of nice leather gloves (size small) and the coziest cable knit sweater. I debated between sizes in the sweater but ended up asking for an XS, and it fits perfectly. If you live in a place with winter, I highly recommend it!

Next month, I'm doing a 10x10 remix challenge and I decided to do a shopping freeze on top of that. I'm already worried about it, mostly because I have my eye on a couple of things and it will be hard to resist buying them if they go on sale. ;) But I can do it! I think! (I'm really good at this pep talk thing, haha.) Anyway, wish me luck. Please let me know if you're doing a shopping freeze too so you can help me stay accountable!

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