October budget

October 2016 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

L.L.Bean original boots: $95 (originally $119)
LOFT textured flare dress: $42.50 (originally $79.50)
LOFT speckled sweater skirt: $32 (originally $59.50; used Poshmark funds)
Moorea Seal 'Bedford' heels: $46.50 (originally $58)
Moorea Seal marbled cube stud earrings (sold out): $11 (originally $14; used Poshmark funds)
Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats c/o Shopbop: $96.50 (originally $495; used credit & birthday gifts on $346.50; used Poshmark funds)

October Total = $184

$400 (quarterly budget) - $125 (September) - $184 (October) = $91 left for November

Last week, it really looked like I was going to be way over budget for the month. I would have gotten pretty close to maxing out both my regular budget and my Poshmark funds but I'm still deciding on a couple of items... Anyway, let's dive in to what I added to my closet this month!

L.L.Bean offered 20% off your purchase a couple of weeks ago, and I took it as an opportunity to pick up a pair of the original Bean boots. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it has been so rainy lately that I'm tired of wearing my yellow Hunter boots! I ordered the regular boots in tan/navy because I wear a lot of navy, and I didn't buy anything with more warmth because I already have two pairs of Sorel boots I wear regularly in the cold and snow. After much consideration, I ordered them in my usual size 7 because I thought sizing down to a 6 would have been too tight. It would have been nice to try on both before buying, but the 7s aren't ridiculously big—just roomy (even with warm socks). These are going to last me forever so I'm really glad I finally pulled the trigger.

I placed three orders at LOFT when they were running 50% off. I took it mainly as an opportunity to pick up some pairs of jeans I've considered adding to mix things up a bit, but I also ordered the speckled skirt and was pleasantly surprised. I think it'll be a great option for more "formal" academic events like conferences and meetings, but I think it will work dressed down as well. I took it in XXS petite which is just crazy, but it fits like a dream at my natural waist. I also ordered a little black dress (in size 00 which seems to be my usual at LOFT now) as a potential option for the wedding I'm attending next month after a couple that I ordered from Banana Republic didn't fit as well as I had hoped. It fit much better than the BR dresses so I'm going to hold onto it. I love that it's understated enough to wear for other events.

You may have seen via Instagram stories that I purchased some trendy jeans from LOFT, and I'm currently deciding between them... I ordered the flare crop jeans in 24 regular and 24 petite. The regular-length jeans hit right at my ankle bone while the petite-length jeans are almost 3" shorter. I was surprised by how much I didn't mind the regular-length flare jeans, but they are a tad longer than I would have liked. On the flip side, the petite jean seem almost too short. I could get the regular length jeans hemmed an inch... I also ordered the modern frayed skinny jeans in 25 regular since the reviews said they ran small. (I also ordered the 25 petite and those were WAY too tight, unfortunately, because the length was perfect.) I think I prefer those over these skinny jeans with a dropped hem even though the length in the 25 petite is ideal. It'd be easy enough to hem the frayed skinny jeans myself, ha!

I placed an order at Moorea Seal because I fell in love with the 'Bedford' heels—and I love them in real life just as much as I hoped! They're the shoes I'm wearing to the wedding but I already have other outfit plans for them. :) I also grabbed the pretty marble earrings to get free shipping and because I thought they were a great neutral option.

Now onto the last item... The shoes of my dreams! I'm so lucky that I started a Shopbop collaboration in September which allowed me the opportunity to pick up the stunning Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats in navy/gold during their sale a couple of weeks ago. I was initially going to wait until I had more credit to spend but I wasn't sure if they'd be restocking them... (I emailed and asked. Do I believe the person who says they have no plans to buy more stock? Lol. Apparently I do.) I still had to spend a bunch of my own money (thank goodness I hadn't spent my birthday gifts yet!), but it was so worth it. I ordered them in a 37.5 because the 37 wasn't available (and the reviews were super mixed regarding sizing), but I wish the 37 had been available. I think I can make them work with inserts.

Another month, another novel about my purchases. You da real MVP if you read all of that! ;) Next month, the jeans I pick from LOFT will be included in my post as well as a backordered flannel shirt from L.L.Bean. I've been updating my Poshmark and hope to sell more so I don't go over budget!

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