March budget

March 2016 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Maise' bag: $169 (originally $298)
H&M A-line skirt: $21 (originally $25; used PayPal)
Coach 'Court' bag (vintage via eBay): $57 (used PayPal)
Steve Madden block-heeled sandals (via Amazon): $65 (originally $100; used $25 gift card on $90)
Madewell stud earrings (seen here): $11 (originally $24; used gift card)
Earth 'Seaside' sandals (c/o)

March Total = $234

$450 (quarterly budget) - $234 (March) = $216 left for April and May

This March looks a whole lot like last March. ;) I guess it's around this time of year that I'm ready to update my bags! I fell in love with the Kate Spade bag in February, but vowed to not buy it until March because of my no-buy. March 3rd rolled around and they were offering 25% off sale, but when I checked the site, my bag was gone! I was so sad. Then, I realized that it was possibly in stock in a store, so I called a few and found it in a store in California. The only bummer was that the price was higher and I had to pay CA sales tax, but I bought it anyway. I adore it! It's so nice. I took it to the mall with me a couple of weekends ago and can't wait to feature it in some outfits.

When I found that Kate Spade bag, I realized that they had it in both the burgundy and a navy color, and I couldn't decide which color I wanted when March rolled around. It dawned on me that I could pick up another vintage Coach bag in navy and then buy the Kate Spade bag in burgundy (the original color I loved). I basically searched for Coach bags that same day and almost bought one, but someone got to it before me. I placed a bid on a second bag, but I lost that one. I bought a third bag a couple of days later, and that one ended up being black—not navy! I checked my watch list again and saw this Court bag. The start price was a bit higher than I would have liked (and the shipping was high, too), but I bid on it within the last minute and got it for only a dollar more than the start price. I can't even explain to you how much I adore this bag! I'm happy the first one I got didn't work out because I love the Court style so much. It's the perfect size!

Other buys this month included the A-line skirt from H&M. I love the button-up skirt style, and even though I'm not a huge fan of the '70s revival, this is one item I would definitely wear. I tried on both the size 6 and size 8, and the 6 is what I went with. I actually went to the store to try it on, but didn't buy it right away because I was planning on placing an online order (they now accept online returns in store). I got home and checked the site only to see the size 6 was sold out! I went all the way back to the store to buy it...

I had my eyes on these cute studs from Madewell for a while and decided to pick them up when they were on promo (plus I got to use my student discount in store). I did not read the details very closely because I did not realize they were cone shaped! I thought they were flat just looking at the photo. I ended up buying them anyway, and I've already worn them three times. I needed a pair of simple studs that weren't pearls and these work perfectly.

I also added a couple of pairs of sandals this month (but I did sell a couple of pairs, too). Block-heeled sandals were on my wishlist, and ever since seeing these Steve Madden sandals on a blog, I haven't been able to forget about them. I was going to buy them on Revolve since they offer a 10% off coupon when you sign up for emails, but then I saw them on Amazon. I had a gift card, so it was basically a no brainer. I noticed after I placed the order that they were already reduced to $90, so I feel like I got a great deal on them! I've worn them around the house and they seem like they will be comfy so fingers crossed. The Earth sandals I received courtesy of the brand in exchange for an outfit post. I gave a sneak peek look at that outfit, but it will definitely be posted next month once it's warm enough for sandals! I'm very excited to be working with Earth for a second year. :) I think these white sandals are going to get a ton of wear this spring and summer.

There isn't much really that I have my eyes on. I want to add a pair of gold sandals into the mix, and I'm watching a couple of tops at Madewell. I bought a tee from Amour Vert that will be included in next month's budget post. I really don't need any more tops, though. I don't know why I keep buying them, ha! I may also check out the Marimekko for Target collab and also see what's new in the Who What Wear for Target collab.

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