Spring staples from Uniqlo

Classic spring staples from Uniqlo — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Have you started updating your wardrobe to welcome spring and summer? I sure have! *insert monkey-covering-mouth emoji* One brand I love perusing for their classic styles is Uniqlo. Whenever I introduce Uniqlo to someone, I explain that it is like a Japanese H&M, but their styles lean more classic and less trendy. Not to mention, everything I own from Uniqlo has held up beautifully. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality! I only wish I had a store near me. I stop in every time I'm in San Francisco (which isn't often enough if you ask me).

Here are some of my recent favorites. It's hard to go wrong with stripes, a little bit of linen, and a touch of eyelet...all in classic styles!

I am drawn to the A-line shape and texture of the jacquard striped dress (which also comes in a cute sleeveless version), and I love how they styled it with a belt. It also has the look of a t-shirt dress without being a t-shirt dress; it seems to have more structure, which is great for those of us who are not as comfortable with their midsections!

The pull-on eyelet shorts are so cute. I would probably buy them if I didn't already have a pair of navy shorts! (They do also come in black and white...and they have pockets! Tempting.) They would go perfectly with the navy and white striped boatneck tee. The red and navy striped tee that I purchased last year is one of my absolute favorites, so I highly recommend this style if you're looking for a fabulous striped tee!

The cotton-linen ankle pants look perfectly easy breezy for the warm weather that is yet to come (it keeps snowing here—UGH). They also have a pair of relaxed cotton-linen pants which look equally as comfy. To top it off, add a sleeveless linen shirt; I actually own this exact shirt and love how easy it is to wear in the summer (though, since it is linen, it does wrinkle easily). Do be aware that the lighter colors are sheer to slightly sheer. I just wear a nude-to-me bra and I feel comfortable, but I also own some of Uniqlo's AIRism line and highly recommend it as a "base layer" for the warmer months!

I also love the look of the collarless jacket. It comes in a variety of solids and stripes and would make the perfect final layering piece when it's not quite warm enough to go out sans jacket. As a bonus, it's currently on promo for $40 (down from $60).

Uniqlo often offers free shipping promos on all orders or orders $50+, so keep an eye on the site if you're looking to place an order soon! (Or, receive everyday free shipping on orders of $99.) I was actually desperate enough for that striped tee that I paid the $7 fee, and I don't regret it one bit. Uniqlo also includes garment measurements for each item in addition to their size chart, which are incredibly helpful when it comes to choosing a size!

What are you hoping to add to your wardrobe this spring? Are you also a fan of Uniqlo?

Note: This post is not sponsored, but I would most definitely be interested in partnering with Uniqlo sometime. ;)