January budget

January wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
  1. Everlane silk top: $41 (originally $85; used Poshmark funds)
  2. J.Crew striped tee: $25.50 (originally $59.50)
  3. Madewell two-pack of socks: $11 (originally $19.50; used gift card)
  4. Madewell fair isle socks (seen here): $6 (originally $12.50; used gift card)
  5. J.Crew 'Gemma' metallic flats: $57.50 (originally $145)
  6. Banana Republic Factory peplum top (seen here; unavailable online; gift)
  7. Madewell sweater (seen here; gift)
  8. Madewell flannel shirt (sold out): $22 (originally $79.50; used $23 in gift cards on $45)
  9. J.Crew Factory 'Vail' parka (seen here): $111 (originally $278)

January Total = $216

$651 ($500 quarterly budget + $151 carried over) - $315 (December) - $216 (January) = $120 left for February

Phew, I sure added a lot of items to my wardrobe this month! It doesn't seem so bad though if you consider that two of the items are pairs of socks purchased with gift cards—items that wouldn't normally make the budget, but these will likely be featured in outfit posts—and two of the items were Christmas gifts from Chris's family. Now I'm down to five new additions that I purchased with budget money (and leftover Poshmark funds!). 

At the end of 2015, Everlane held a "Pay What You Want" sale, where they dropped the price on extra stock down to three different prices—the bare minimum (price only covered the cost to produce with no profit to Everlane), a slight discount off of the original price (biggest profit to Everlane), and a price somewhere in the middle (small profit to Everlane). I decided to try the Silk Pocket Tee and paid the lowest price. Even though I felt kind of bad, I ultimately decided that if they really didn't want people to pay that price, they wouldn't have offered it. Plus, I appreciate it as a grad student on a budget; someday, I'll be able to more comfortably pay a higher price. ANYWAY. I ended up purchasing the top in an XS, which was the right choice. It's very comfortable, though I haven't had the chance to wear it for a full day because it's still too cold here. I'm looking forward to wearing it, though! As always, if you're new to the brand and want to give it a try, here's my referral link.

I made a J.Crew order at the beginning of the year, mostly for the striped tee because it had come back in stock and was on promo. However, I didn't want to pay shipping, so I loaded up my cart with two pairs of the 'Gemma' metallic flats in different sizes and a pair of slippers. I had tried on the 'Gemma' flats last fall in store, so I was pretty sure I knew not to size up—and I remembered correctly! I took my usual size 7 in these flats. (I also bought a 6.5 but didn't even try them on.) For reference, I'm a 7.5 in the 'Cece' flats. They are so pretty and a bit ridiculous but I love them so much! I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can take them out. Of course, I ended up loving the striped tee with the bows down the back. I was hesitant to order it in my usual size, XS, because of the reviews saying it ran small, but the XS fits fine—definitely not too tight in the arms or body. That might change when it's washed so I'll just have to be cautious.

I placed a couple of Madewell orders: one for the three pairs of socks and one for the flannel shirt. The socks were on promo, and the fair isle socks were close to selling out, so I snatched them up! I bought them specifically to wear with my shiny black oxfords. I had been wanting the flannel shirt since I tried it on in store last fall. I didn't buy it for myself because it was on my Christmas list, but I didn't receive it, and by that time it was sold out. I was very sad! I kept checking on it, though, and there was finally a pop-back in my size last week. SUCCESS! I just adore this shirt so much. It's a great addition to my plaid flannel shirt family. ;)

A few days ago, I talked about my new coat purchase: the J.Crew Factory 'Vail' parka in navy. I couldn't resist the 50% off and extra 25% off promo. Even though the color is gorgeous, I think I'm going to have the A-line shape tailored a bit so it doesn't flare out so much. (I took my usual size in this coat because of my shoulders.)

Next month, I hope to tone down the shopping a bit and hopefully sell items on Poshmark. I placed a few last minute orders already (that I technically could have included in this post since they arrived earlier than expected, but I had already made the collage and it was a pain), so I don't have a lot of money leftover. I'm starting to look ahead at spring some more. Items on my list include a grey dress (the elusive perfect grey dress!), a navy mini skirt, gold sandals, and maybe some more silk tops. I'm also considering trying Everlane's Pima tee collection—is anyone else?!

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