Grana reviews: Pima box tee, denim skirt, Italian Sensitive underwear

I placed my third Grana order at the end of July using entirely store credit thanks to those of you that have used my referral link (seriously, thank you SO much!). I ended up picking up a striped pima box tee, the denim A-line skirt, and a couple of pairs of their Italian Sensitive underwear. I shipped this order to my department at school, which worked out well because I didn't have to worry about being home to sign for it; the secretary signed for the package on my behalf. :) I reviewed my first order here and my second order here if you're interested in seeing what else I've purchased.

Like I mentioned in my other review posts, if you are new to the brand and sign up using my referral link, you get 10% off your first order (and I get a credit). Shipping is a flat fee of $10 unless you spend $75, in which case it's free. Returns are also $10. They ship DHL, so your order arrives in two days, but be aware that you may need to sign for the package.

For sizing reference, I am typically a size XS/0 at J.Crew, Madewell, LOFT, Anthropologie, Gap, and Banana Republic. I wear a size 4-6 in H&M and its sister stores (depending on the item). For stores that use juniors sizing, such as Forever 21 and ModCloth, I am usually a size small. My Uniqlo and Everlane size is either XS or small (again, depending on the item; see my Everlane reviews here and here). Like Everlane, Grana includes garment measurements for each item.

Grana 'Pima Box Tee' in white burgundy stripe — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Pima Box Tee (white burgundy stripe, size XS)

I was drawn to this color combination over the navy stripes because, let's face it, I already own way too many navy striped tops! I found this tee to fit slightly larger than I was expecting; I think an XXS would fit well, too, though I anticipate it shrinking a bit in the wash. The shoulders are slightly wider than my own which is not usually an issue I have due to my broad shoulders. It's not sheer and feels well made. The length is great for something slightly cropped on my borderline-petite frame. They offer this tee in lots of color combinations, and it's an excellent basic!

Grana's measurements: bust 36.2", body length 19.7", shoulder width 16.9", sleeve length 5.9"
My measurements: bust 35.5", front length 19.5", back length 19.75", shoulder width 15", sleeve length 5.675"

Grana 'Denim A-Line Skirt' in resin rinse wash — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Denim A-Line Skirt (resin rinse wash, size XS)

I was really excited for this skirt; I loved the A-line shape and the buttons down the front. It actually fits a bit looser in the waist than I was expecting based on the measurements, and it's also slightly longer than I expected. It hits me around mid-thigh when it sits at my waist. Like the tee, it feels like it is excellent quality for the price, and the color is very rich. I hope it doesn't bleed when it's washed. It does kind of pucker between the first and second buttons even though it's not that tight on my abdomen; you can see that better in this outfit post.

Grana's measurements: waist 26.4", hips 34.6", length 16.9"
My measurements: waist 26.5", hips 34", length 16.5"

Italian Sensitive Underwear (size XS)

I don't have any photos to share for obvious reasons. ;) I ended up ordering a couple of pairs of their underwear to qualify for free shipping. I bough the thong and the boyshort, both in beige. I wore each pair once and have since washed one; I'm still waiting to fill my laundry basket a bit more before washing the other pair. Each pair is very comfortable and feels well made. The one pair I washed held up well in the wash and looks great. The boyshort does cut into my butt a bit more than I would prefer, so I might consider ordering a small in that next time to try... Otherwise, they feel true to size. These are excellent options if you're looking for smooth undergarments! I definitely plan on trying the brief sometime.

If you found these reviews helpful and are new to Grana, please consider making an account with my referral link. You get 10% off your first order with the link! I would appreciate it so much. :)