Grana reviews: Pima tank, silk tank, and silk shorts

I placed a small order with Grana recently. Have you heard of the brand? They're like an international Everlane with a much higher variety of products (both in type and color). They're also focused on ethical production standards, but they're not as upfront about it as Everlane is. I've been wanting to try their products since everything is so reasonably priced (due to the whole cut-out-the-middlemen/low-markup thing they have going on like Everlane). 

I ended up ordering a pima modal tank top, a silk tank top, and a pair of silk shorts in my first order. Here's my referral link if you're interested in ordering; you get 10% off your order! Shipping is free on orders of at least $75 (for the U.S., at least), and if you spend less than that, it's a flat rate of $10. Returns are also $10. I plan to return my order so I will update this post with how the process went once it's complete. The ship time is very fast; my order was shipped in the early morning on May 4th (late afternoon Hong Kong time, where they're located) and delivered on the 5th by DHL.

For sizing reference, I am typically a size XS/0 at J.Crew, Madewell, LOFT, Anthropologie, Gap, and Banana Republic. I wear a size 4-6 in H&M and its sister stores (depending on the item). For stores that use juniors sizing, such as Forever 21 and ModCloth, I am usually a size small. My Uniqlo and Everlane size is either XS or small (again, depending on the item; see my Everlane reviews here and here). Like Everlane, Grana includes garment measurements for each item.

Grana 'Pima Modal Tank' in white — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Pima Modal Tank (white, size XS)

I really wanted a nice white tank top for layering purposes, and this one looked perfect. The length seemed to better suit shorter frames (as opposed to Everlane's pima tank), and it looked opaque on the website. Well... As you can tell, it's not opaque. It's pretty sheer. I'm not sure how they got the stock photos to look so opaque. Otherwise, it's a very, very soft 50% pima, 50% modal blend. The XS fits me perfectly. I was very close to keeping this, but I decided I wouldn't wear it often because it would require an extra layer, and I really don't like to wear extra layers in the summer. I'm considering ordering this in a darker color just because it is so soft.

Grana's measurements: bust 30.3", front length 22.8", back length 23.2"
My measurements: bust 29.5", hips 36.5", front length 23.25", back length 24", shoulder width 10"

Grana 'Silk Tank' in dove grey — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Silk Tank (dove grey, size XS)

I originally wanted to order the silk shell, but I really loved this light grey color and it was only available in the tank. I was a bit nervous to order the tank since the reviews on it are kind of mixed fit-wise, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fit. It is a bit longer than I was anticipating, though (especially in the back), and I'm not a fan of the pseudo-racerback. The color also doesn't look as good on me as I was hoping it would, but it's still a nice color (it's not sheer!), and it'd be fun to pair with the silk shorts. The silk is definitely not as nice as Everlane's silk; it's thinner and more "rough" feeling, but it's also less expensive than Everlane's. It's a great budget-friendly alternative. I plan to return this just because I'm not totally in love with it, but I still plan to try the silk shell since I think I will prefer the fit of that better.

Grana's measurements: bust 35", body length 26.4"
My measurements: bust 33", hips 37", front length 24", back length 25.25", shoulder width 10.25"

Grana 'Silk Shorts' in black — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Silk Shorts (black, size XS)

It took me a while to decide between the XS and S in these shorts because the waist measurement of the XS is a couple inches smaller than my waist (while the small is basically my waist measurement), but I knew they were elastic... I ended up ordering the XS and then chatting in after reading that their bottoms run small. The CS rep I talked to made it seem like I got it changed in time, but apparently I didn't since I received the XS (my order shipped two hours after I chatted in; these shorts were on preorder when I ordered, so my order did not ship until ~10 days after I placed it). The XS fits better than I thought it would, but it is a bit snug on my waist. I may try the small after I return these, but I'm a bit undecided.

Otherwise, the silk feels nice to the touch, though the color is not a true black (much like my Everlane silk top). The shorts are double-thick so nothing shows through. Plus, they have pockets! They are incredibly staticky and love to stick to my legs (and attract cat hair like crazy), which is super annoying and would be the main reason for not reordering them. I learned that static forms when it's dry, and I definitely live in a dry climate, so these may not be for me. The rise is quite high (up to my belly button), so that's definitely something to keep in mind.

Grana's measurements: waist relaxed 24.4", hips 38.6", front rise 9.3", inseam 3.1", leg opening 26"
My measurements: waist relaxed 23.5", hips 36", front rise 11", inseam 3", leg opening 25"

All in all, I'm cautiously optimistic about the brand. It probably wasn't the best idea to try the white tank with no reviews. However, I plan to also try their silk shell and chambray boyfriend shirt. I also love the look of the pima box tee, but it's been out of stock in my size for months.

If you found these reviews helpful and are new to Grana, please consider making an account with my referral link. You get 10% off your first order with the link! I would appreciate it so much. :) 

UPDATE 20-May: My return has been processed! I initiated the return on Saturday the 14th. I did not immediately receive a shipping label or customs form, but I ended up messaging them about the process and they attached the information. I'm not sure if it's normal to not receive those items when the return is initiated. I called DHL for a pickup on Monday afternoon, and they were able to pick it up that evening (they showed up ~15 minutes after I called!). I basically handed them everything and they took care of the rest. It was delivered in Hong Kong on Thursday (Hong Kong time). My return was processed very quickly; I got the email in the early hours on Thursday (my time). I paid with PayPal so it was in my account immediately. All in all, after the initial confusion, it was a smooth process and I'm impressed with how quickly I got my return. I ended up placing a second order last night!