My S/S '17 favorites

It's the end of the sartorial spring/summer season, so to mark the occasion I've picked out my favorite looks from these past six months. This is my favorite way to reflect on what I wore and really hone in on the overarching themes in my wardrobe.

This time, I came up with 18 favorites out of the 60 shared. When I decide my favorites, I ask myself a few questions: 1) Do I like how everything fits? 2) Do I like the color combination? 3) Do I like the silhouette? 4) Would I wear it again right now (weather aside)? 5) Does it feel like me? I also realized that there's a slight bias towards the outfits whose photos I like best, but I tried to not focus on that so much. These are essentially the outfits that I can see myself repeating in the future (or that I've already repeated). 

As I think about what to add to my closet for fall/winter, this list is a great way to figure out what kinds of items I'd actually wear. Basically, if it's striped, classic, and comfortable, I'm wearing it! All of these items are staples in my wardrobe, even the patterned pieces. I'm picky about patterns so you know I love it for a patterned piece to have a place in my closet!

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