ISO: More midi skirts

A few years ago, I thought I'd never wear a midi skirt. I thought only tall women could pull them off and that they would make me look frumpy and shorter than I already was. Flashback to now: I am employed (!) and don't want to wear my go-to mini skirts at my new job, yet the summers here would be brutal without breezy skirts and pants. With a little inspiration from Nicole especially, I jumped on the midi skirt bandwagon, and I have to say that I don't hate them anymore! I now have two midi skirts and recently ordered a few more to try since I included them in my wardrobe plan for 2018. I'm on a quest for ALL of the midi skirts! I've gone a little crazy placing orders because it would be so nice to have a bunch of options this summer (and beyond).

Here's a look at the midi skirts I own, the ones I ordered and am currently deciding on, and a few that I have my eye on for the future...


The Amour Vert 'Greta' skirt on the left was the first proper midi skirt I purchased. I was surprised by how much I loved it when I first got it (and I still love it now)! I thought the length would be too long, but I don't mind it at all. The stripes are subtle and go with any color top. I love that it has pockets and an elastic waistband, and it's breezy but also relatively heavy, so it works in the spring and fall, too. The only thing that annoys me is how the fabric tends to "dip in" between my legs (as shown above).

I ordered the Madewell 'Palisade' button-front skirt on the right a couple of months ago. The skirt was offered in three colors, and I picked the less "safe" choice of the three (the other two being a light chambray blue and darker blue stripes). This skirt is slightly longer than the Amour Vert skirt, but I don't feel ridiculous when I wear it, and it doesn't feel like it swallows me. The major downside to this skirt is how wrinkly it gets! It's 100% cotton, which feels great on the skin but isn't quite wrinkle-proof.


I placed an order at J.Crew Factory on Memorial Day for some midi skirts (and wide leg pants!) that had caught my eye. This gingham skirt was definitely more of an impulse buy, but I decided to give it a shot because it's black gingham, which is a classic pattern on a somewhat trendy skirt. I would like it more if the front-tie was removable because it feels bulky and doesn't lay as flat as I wish it did (it's super hard for me to tie for some reason). I think this skirt looks cute with this basic tee but I'm not sure I'd get enough wear out of it to justify keeping it. I took my regular size 0, and it has a concealed back zipper.

Through tomorrow (Tuesday 6/5) evening, I have a few Instagram stories posted with these skirts and included polls, so please feel free to vote in those if you want! ;) (Feel free to comment here, too—or instead if you prefer that, haha.)

I couldn't resist a skirt that had three of my favorite skirt features: stripes, linen, and an elastic waistband! I ordered this striped midi skirt in both the red stripes and blue stripes, thinking that it would be easy to decide between the two of them. HA! I typically would pick the blue stripes because I wear a lot of blue, but I do have a soft spot for the red, and it would add some variety in my wardrobe. I'm not planning on keeping both so this is going to be a very tough decision!

I read many reviews and decided to size down from an XS to an XXS, which fits fine thanks to the elastic waistband. It comes down to my knees, so I would feel comfortable wearing this to work. The fabric is perfect for hot summer days! And it has pockets, which is the best, as you know. Now to decide on a color...


Everlane just released their "clean cotton" collection today, so naturally, I glanced through the new products and decided to order the A-line midi skirt in black. I have the navy cotton-poplin mini skirt from a couple of years ago and the new midi skirts look very similar in style. I'm slightly worried about it being too voluminous/not "relaxed" enough and prone to wrinkles like the Madewell skirt I have. I ordered it in my usual 0.

I've also been seriously considering ordering a linen midi skirt from an Etsy seller. The skirt above is by Magic Linen, but I've heard great things about Not Perfect Linen and will likely order from them at some point (they're currently not accepting any orders but plan to open again on June 11th). The skirts are beautiful, but of course, it's difficult to figure out what size you might need since these sellers make these to order in Europe and returns are next to impossible (or highly inconvenient at best). And, since they're made to order, it takes weeks for them to make the item and then another week or more to receive it. That said, I love the idea of ordering from a small business! I'm hoping that I have my life together enough to place an order next spring so I have the skirt in time for summer. I'd love to hear any feedback about the clothing from these Etsy sellers (or others) if you have the experience. :)