Favorite outfits & wardrobe workhorses: F/W 2017

Even though we'll still get a mix of winter and spring weather for the next couple of weeks or so, I've officially wrapped up the winter outfits now that it's mid March! Since the fall/winter 2017 season is complete, here's a look at the standouts from the past six months.

Out of the 56 outfits I blogged, I chose 18 favorites based on these criteria: 1) Do I like how everything fits? 2) Do I like the color combination? 3) Do I like the silhouette? 4) Would I wear it again right now (weather aside)? 5) Does it feel like me? AND 6) Was I comfortable in this outfit? I try not to focus so much on the quality of the photos, especially because we were learning a new camera and my editing was kind of all over the place as I was learning Lightroom.

My favorites included outfits with layers (of course), skinny jeans (especially my blush pink jeans), and all the cozy sweaters, flannel shirts, and boots you could think of. Haha! Even though winter was rough for me outfit-wise, I still enjoyed a good number of the outfits that I ended up blogging. Phew!

In addition to evaluating the outfits I blogged, I took a look at which items were the biggest wardrobe workhorses in my regular day-to-day life. My favorite closet organization app, Stylebook, updated some of its stats a couple of months ago, and I'm even more obsessed than I was before! I loved the "most worn" and "best cost per wear" stats they included in the original launch, but the update added a feature where you can change the length of time within each stat. Now, I can see what I haven't worn in one month, in six months, in a year, in all time, etc. It's an amazing feature to use when evaluating my closet by season, and I also use it now to figure out what hasn't been worn in the past year and what might be a good candidate for rehoming via Poshmark.


My most worn items in the past six months (encompassing mid-September through mid-March) are shown above on the left, and my most worn outfits in the past six months are shown above on the right. Not surprisingly, boots, jeans, sweaters, and coats dominated my most worn items. I love seeing that five of the items I bought in the past six-ish months were included on the most worn list! Many of those items in the most worn list were also included in the outfits that I wore the most in the past six months. The majority of these outfits were ones that were easy to throw on in the morning for work, particularly on the days that we had rain or snow. My Bean boots had a lot of mileage, but it wasn't so snowy that I needed to wear my snow boots that often. It's also funny how often many colorful tops and sweaters made appearances in those outfits. Red was definitely a dominating color in all of its various shades, haha. :)

In the widget below are some of my exact (or very similar) wardrobe workhorses from this past fall and winter that would also work well into those chilly days of spring! I'm looking forward to seeing what my wardrobe workhorses are after this upcoming spring and summer. I won't be surprised if many of these items are also included in that list!