Defense day!


You guys--I did it! I'm a master of science! WOOHOO! I am so, so relieved to have my thesis defense over and done with. Now it's on to the thesis edits and the other million things on my to-do list for the next couple of months. (If you're a new reader and don't know, I'm a graduate student studying atmospheric sciences. That explains why I talk about weather so much in my posts--I love it and I love talking about it!)

Here's what I wore for my defense! I actually purchased the dress a couple of years ago for my internship presentation, and I'm not even sure if I've worn it since then until now...which is kind of sad, to be honest. I really love this dress, and not just because it was named "Cumulus Laude Dress" (ModCloth gets me with those punny weather names). I'm going to try dressing it down next spring/summer since I have some trouble with that. I paired it with my J.Crew schoolboy blazer which I purchased back in the spring. The room I presented in is ALWAYS freezing so it was necessary, plus I felt the need to wear it on this momentous occasion. It made me feel profesh (yep, I said that). I finished the outfit with my sapphire earrings from my mom and my nude heels. I wanted to do something fancier with my hair and makeup but didn't have time! I was literally making final tweaks to my presentation an hour before I gave it, haha.

I'm happy with what I put together using pieces I already own. I was so tempted to buy a new dress or something just for my defense, but I'm trying to avoid buying pieces just for one purpose. Yay for suppressing my desire to shop! :)


J.Crew blazer (similar) / ModCloth dress (old) / Cole Haan pumps via Nordstrom Rack (similar with a pointed toe) / earrings from my mom