My S/S '14 favorites

Now that I'm head-on into fall outfits, it's time to reflect back on what I wore this past spring and summer! I shared over twice as many outfits this spring/summer than I did last fall/winter, so it was REALLY difficult for me to narrow down my favorites. As I go through each outfit, I basically ask myself if I would wear it again right now. A lot of them I would wear again, to be honest, but to narrow them down even more, I was picky about the exact pieces I used to put each look together. I ended up with 12 favorite outfits in the end. I felt myself gravitate more towards the neutral outfits, but I did fall in love with some colored looks. :) What were your favorites?!


Combat the cold | Retro spring (April remix chain outfit #1)


Cozy weekend (April remix chain outfit #6) | That's so fetch (April remix chain outfit #28)


That's so fetch (April remix chain outfit #29) | Denim squared