Can't stop, won't stop

J.Crew 'Tidewater stripe' shirt, ivory top, dark wash denim shirts, neutral flats -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

...wearing my blue collared shirts this summer, apparently. I periodically check my Summer Outfits tab, and I noticed that I wore this striped shirt twice, the linen shirt in my previous post twice, my blue popover, my chambray shirt...and of course, my chambray shirtdress, which also has a collar (and which I also wore twice). I guess you can say I'm consistent!

Even though the high temperature when I wore this outfit flirted with 100 degrees, I decided to wear some light layers anyway. It's not often that I layer a top under an open button-up like this, and it's a look I want to experiment more with in the next few months. This top actually just visited the tailor to have the shoulder straps shortened. They were just long enough that my bra appeared sometimes and I wanted to not have to fuss with it. I figured I would get a whole lot more wear out of it for a relatively minor extra cost. 

Also, remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about how I don't wear outfits with contrasting pieces that often? What was that about? It's been bothering me because I wear contrasting outfits QUITE often. I mean, case in point right here. I feel like I meant to elaborate more and decided to hit publish anyway. If you read that and I thought I was totally out of it, you were right. Haha. Goodness.

Blue striped shirt, ivory top, dark wash denim shorts, beige flats -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue striped shirt, ivory top, dark wash denim shorts -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue striped shirt, ivory top, dark wash denim shorts, beige flats -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue striped shirt layered over ivory tank top -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

J.Crew shirt (on sale; last seen here) and flats (new version) / LOFT top and sunglasses / ModCloth shorts (last seen here) / Forever 21 earrings (old)

August budget

August budget -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Leith Hat (via Nordstrom): $18 (originally $26; paid with Poshmark funds)
Kendra Scott Earrings (via Nordstrom): $36 (originally $52; used gift card on $35)
Halogen Skirt (via Nordstrom): $32 (originally $49)

+ $25 spent on tailoring a dress and a top (paid with Poshmark/PayPal funds)

August Total = $33

$378 ($500 quarterly budget - $122 overspent) - $188 (June) - $133 (July) - $33 (August) = $24

I end this quarter in the positive, but I've decided to not carry it over to the next quarter. This month has been full of unexpected expenses (mostly car-related), so I'm going to be responsible and not spend my entire clothing budget even though I would love to.

This was the month of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. Even though last year I vowed to not shop the sale again, I decided to go for it after reading Jenna's breakdown of the sale and seeing that the emerald green earrings I missed out on last year were back (albeit in a different style, but it turns out I like the smaller 'Dani' style better than the 'Elle'!). I bought the hat and earrings first, not thinking I'd want anything else...until Kaity shared her budget-friendly finds and included this skirt. I've had a black flared skirt on my list for so long and decided to give this one a shot. Turns out, I love it. (I wish it had pockets, but I'm not going to be too picky. Perhaps I'll find the perfect pocketed one in a few years; that is, if I'll still be wearing flared skirts!)

As far as fall/winter goes, I actually have very few item on my list right now. I hope it stays that way, but it probably won't. Things I want to add include a mineral pendant necklace (trying to decide between amethystcitrine, regular quartz, and a geode slice) and a new chambray shirt (looking at you, Madewell!). I did end up ordering the Madewell shorts I mentioned in my July budget because they were finally at the right price, but they did not fit well at all. I sized down from my normal size because when I tried them on in store, the waist was huge. The new pair fit better in the waist (still not great) but were way too tight on my thighs, especially when I sat down. So, back this pair will go.

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First author

I haven't really updated you on grad school since I completed my Master's degree (officially) in May. Last year, I decided to stick around after my Master's to work towards a Ph.D. in the same field (atmospheric sciences). Ph.D. work is coming along slowly but surely. I just scheduled my general examination, which is basically just me writing and then giving a presentation on my proposed research to my committee members. My advisor wants me to have a paper submitted before then, and I'm hoping I can get it done in the next month or so. I just need to...keep...writing...! The first paper I wrote is comprised of the majority of my Master's research, and I'm excited to say that as of late July, I'm officially a published author! It's kind of weird to see my name on an academic, peer-reviewed journal article, and it's super weird that I'm listed first. (My advisor likes his students to be first author as much as possible when it's our own research. Apparently, it looks a lot better when we defend our theses/dissertations. It does make sense... I mean, how can your committee deny your graduation when you have a bunch of first-author papers?!) It took a long time (over a year) to get it published with all the editing I had to do, but I did it! And it's done! Now to write four more papers before I defend my dissertation...haha. No pressure.

Now onto the outfit! I wore this top and necklace combination a couple of weeks ago and immediately knew I wanted to wear it again in a "blog outfit". Apparently, my green shorts are perfect for pairing with particular top/necklace combinations, as the last time I featured them, I wore my striped tee and rectangle necklace. I love how this top picks up the light blue in the necklace. It has been SO hot here lately, so of course the linen was necessary (apologies for the wrinkles). I'm kind of jealous of all of you in the Midwest and East Coast and your high temperatures in the 70s and 80s. I am glad that the wildfire smoke we've had to deal with is finally gone, though!

Blue sleeveless shirt, green shorts, tan sandals, statement necklace -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue linen shirt, green shorts, statement necklace -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue sleeveless shirt, green shorts, tan sandals, statement necklace -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Light blue linen shirt + statement necklace -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Uniqlo shirt (similar from Talbots) / J.Crew Factory shorts / Madewell sandals (similar from ASOS) / Moorea Seal necklace (old; last seen here) / LOFT sunglasses