Summer budget

Summer 2019 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

& Other Stories straw circle bag (sold out; seen here): $40 (originally $79)
Madewell cropped button down shirt (seen here): $41 (originally $70)
Madewell simple pouch belt bag (seen here): $41 (originally $68)
Uniqlo linen blend short sleeve blouse: $27.75 (originally $30)
Uniqlo AIRism UV cut seamless stole cardigan: $27.75 (originally $30)
Uniqlo fluffy yarn fleece full-zip jacket: $27.75 (originally $30)
Uniqlo flannel checked long sleeve shirt: $27.75 (originally $30)
Everlane cotton twill shorts (review here; seen here): $51
Everlane day crossover sandals (seen here, here, here, here and here): $93
Everlane baseball caps in off-white and olive (off-white seen here): $46.50
Everlane link-stitch crewneck sweater: $79.50
Everlane lightweight French terry shrunken hoodie: $42.50
Everlane cotton scoopneck muscle tank: $19
Everlane air ruched blouse (c/o; review here; seen here and here)
Everlane straight leg crop (c/o; review here; seen here and here)

+ $169 on the 9seed Tangier long sleeve caftan (one size)
+ $95 on the Summersalt Causeway mesh cut-out one-piece swimsuit (size 2)
+ $94 on the KORE Nyx side plunge swimsuit via Amour Vert (exact style from Saks; size XS)
+ $51 on a J.Crew ruffled beach tunic and striped high-rise bikini bottoms (both size XS)
+ $67.50 on Everlane day heels in velvet via Poshmark (size 6.5 but too small; will be re-listed)

Summer 2019 Budget = $500 ($1,041 - $75 Everlane credit - $50 Everlane gift card - $30 gift card - $436 earned from Poshmark sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $886 ($174 June + $401 July + $311 August) + $436 (Poshmark sales) = $0 left over

Whew. Okay. I went way overboard with my clothing purchases the past few months and didn’t even realize it until I was counting it all up over the past couple of weeks. Eep! I can’t even blame the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this time because nothing in the collage is from the sale. Thank goodness for Poshmark sales! My sales slowed down this summer but hopefully they’ll kick back up again as we head into fall. (FYI: I wrote a post with a bunch of tips for selling on Poshmark!)

I bought a number of items (mainly swim-related) that aren’t included in my collage because they’re not technically wardrobe additions (not things I’d wear on any given day), but I still included them in my budget because I allow myself one new swimsuit a year and already bought one this year. Now I have three new suits! I also picked up a couple of new cover-ups. The 9seed caftan was my absolute dream caftan and I wasn’t going to buy it because of the price…but then I decided to splurge and I LOVE IT. I’m so happy I went for it! Now I need to wear it and everything else, haha. :) Soon…!

What I kept:

  • & Other Stories straw circle bag (sold out): I had my eyes on this bag since it was released and pulled the trigger when it went on sale in June. I love the contrasting straps which allow the bag to be worn on the shoulders.

  • Madewell cropped button down shirt (available in more sizes from Nordstrom): I went into the Mall of America store hoping to find this shirt but alas, the only one I saw was on the cashier! I had it shipped to my house instead. The cashier recommended a size up from my usual, so I got a small, and I’m happy with it. I think an XS would have been restricting in the shoulders.

  • Madewell simple pouch belt bag (also available from Nordstrom): I almost bought this bag in the spring but didn’t (obviously). I love it so far! It can fit my iPhone 7+, a small card wallet, lip product, and keys. I bought XS, my usual size in Madewell clothing.

  • Uniqlo linen blend short sleeve blouse: Linen and navy, what’s not to love? I ordered this in size XS because of the boxy fit.

  • Uniqlo AIRism UV cut seamless stole cardigan: I’ve been cycling through the same two cardigans all summer so I figured it was time to add another to the mix. I really like how this one has UV protection! I ordered size XS because most reviews say it runs big.

  • Uniqlo fluffy yarn fleece full-zip jacket: I fell in love with this jacket a year ago but it sold out before I could get one, so I’m glad I got one this year! (I would have picked the light brown “natural” color but it wasn’t an option a couple of weeks ago.) I ordered size S to allow for some light layering.

  • Uniqlo flannel checked long sleeve shirt: I definitely have fall on my mind! I ordered this blue plaid flannel in a size S so my shoulders aren’t constricted. I do wish the flannel was thicker than it is; I’m not sure that I’d even call it a proper flannel shirt. Madewell and L.L.Bean still have the best/thickest flannel shirts, in my opinion.

  • Everlane cotton twill shorts: I wanted a new pair of white shorts and ordered these to try along with another denim pair. I ended up loving these the most! The size 0 fits perfectly, and I’m a fan of all things high-rise now (if that wasn’t super obvious!).

  • Everlane day crossover sandals: I love the rose color; it matches my skin tone almost perfectly! And the leather is butter. They don’t have much in the way of support on the sole but I don’t even mind! I wear these so often. I bought size 7.5 after my size 7 order got cancelled. I think either size works but I like that my heels have some extra space at the back.

  • Everlane baseball caps: I was wearing my Seattle Mariners cap so much that I pounced on the off-white and olive colors when they were released. They make perfect outfit toppers!

  • Everlane link-stitch crewneck sweater: I already have a very similar sweater by Madewell, but it’s not my favorite fabric so I was thrilled to pick up this one. The sweater is quite heavy and will be great for the cooler months. I took my usual XS which is still comfortably loose.

  • Everlane lightweight French terry shrunken hoodie: I love this as a casual light layer, especially for travel. I bought size XS for a more fitted feel.

  • Everlane cotton scoopneck muscle tank: These sold out before I could get one the first time around, so I was happy to see some pop back! I bought XS. I do find it to be more sheer than I was hoping it would be, so I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it as a standalone tank out and about.

  • Everlane air ruched blouse (c/o): I had a partnership with Everlane in June and got to select a couple of items to style in outfit posts! I selected this blouse for its airiness and summer ease. I originally tried my usual size 0 but ended up sizing down to a 00 which fit better all around.

  • Everlane straight leg crop (c/o): I also chose the straight leg crops and opted for the size 0 in short (I also have the wide leg crops in short). These ended up being borderline too short on me, but I do love the high-rise fit!

What I tried and returned:

  • ABLE Estefani knotted wrap heels: I mentioned that I purchased these heels in my spring budget post. Unfortunately, they ended up being too tight around the balls of my feet so back they went.

  • Madewell perfect vintage high-waist jeans: This was the one (non-gift) item I ordered in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. As predicted, everything on my wish list was sold out by the time public access started. I waited until the end of the sale and caught these when a pair was returned. I ordered size 26, but they fit too large around the waist and legs. However, they’re on sale again (for less than the NAS price!), so I ordered a size 25 to try because I love the style.

What’s on deck for fall:

  • Nisolo Lucia block heel sandals: I placed my first Nisolo purchase for these gorgeous sandals in nutmeg, which were included in their recent end-of-season sale. I bought my usual size 7 so fingers crossed they fit! The reviews seem really mixed about sizing. It feels slightly silly to buy sandals so close to fall but I’m hoping we get a few more summer days in September.

  • Everlane texture cotton crop cardigans: My favorite pastime (or bad habit?) is religiously checking Everlane’s coming soon page. I saw these cardigans and knew I had to order at least the cider color (so perfect for fall!), but when they were released I ended up loving the bone color, too, and ordered both. Gah. I’m hoping I’ll love one color way more than the color but I have a feeling I’ll love both. LOL. (If my parents are reading: Everlane gift cards are an excellent birthday gift idea!)

Spring budget

Spring 2019 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Madewell drapey paperbag pants (seen here): $59 (originally $85)
Madewell high-rise denim shorts: cutoff edition (seen here): $59 (originally $70)
Madewell popover courier shirtdress in textural rainbow stripe: $66.50 (originally $98)
Madewell Belgrave sunglasses: $53 (originally $65)
ABLE hammered circle earrings (seen here, here, here, and here): $22.50 (originally $30; now $34)
ABLE Iris hoop earrings (seen here and here): $18 (originally $24; now $28)
Everlane authentic stretch high-rise skinny button fly (review here; seen here and here): $82.50
Everlane cotton-linen crewneck sweater (review here; seen here and here): $63.50
J.Crew Factory linen-cotton drawstring pant: $25 (originally $60)
J.Crew Factory block-heel sandals: $38 (originally $80)
Minnie & George oversized circle crossbody bag (no longer available; seen here): $120 (orig. $185)
Uniqlo linen blend sleeveless blouse (seen here): $26
LOFT striped tie waist button front skirt (seen here): $37 (originally $70)
H&M ribbed top (seen here): $12
Earth Chestnut platform sandal c/o (seen here)
Earth Cedarwood convertible sneaker c/o (seen here)

Spring 2019 Total = $500 ($682 - $100 Madewell gift card - $70 Everlane credit - $12 earned from Poshmark sales)

I definitely did some shopping this spring… I added 16 new items to my wardrobe. Eep! I did sell a number of items on Poshmark which just about balanced out everything I added. After not shopping much in January and February, I was itching to freshen up my wardrobe for spring and summer.

In addition to everything in the collage above, I also added a few things that I didn’t count towards my budget. I picked up this insulated rain jacket by The North Face (see all the coats I was considering in this post) and have already worn it a number of times this rainy spring. I didn’t include this in my budget since it’s utilitarian and I knew I would get plenty of wear out of it. I also purchased black high-rise bikini bottoms from Madewell (made from recycled plastic water bottles). I tried three different tops. The first two (sport top and tie-front top) felt too small in a size small, which is a size up from my usual top size but what I usually buy in bikini tops…so I purchased the third (button-front top) in a size medium. It fits fine, but I really wish I had a size small to compare it to. Gah! I usually only purchase one new swimsuit a year (if that), so I don’t include them in my budget posts, but if I start going overboard with more purchases this year I may include them in future budget posts.

What I kept:

  • Madewell drapey paperbag pants: I love these for work! The length goes right to my ankle, and luckily, I didn’t have issues with static. They fit well in my usual size 0 but I would recommend taking your smaller size if you’re in between sizes.

  • Madewell high-rise denim shorts: cutoff edition: These shorts fit well in the waist and in the legs. They’re comfortable to sit in all day and will be a staple throughout the summer and hopefully in future summers. I took my usual size 25. The 26s I ordered were too loose.

  • Madewell popover courier shirtdress in textural rainbow stripe: I fell in love with Madewell’s latest rainbow stripe pattern and ordered this dress in the 20% off sale (I think there was an error with pricing when I ordered this). It fits perfectly loose in the midsection but not tight in the shoulders, so my usual size XS was the right choice. I didn’t notice how visible the pockets were in the product photos, and they’re just as obvious in person which is the only downside. I still love it enough to hold onto it and hopefully the pockets won’t bug me…

  • Madewell Belgrave sunglasses: I’m building up my sunglasses collection and really like these! I typically prefer oversized sunglasses, and these are a great size for my face.

  • ABLE hammered circle earrings: Love, love, love. These are perfect earrings! The only thing is that I have to be careful not to get a finger stuck in the hoop, lol.

  • ABLE Iris hoop earrings: Another great neutral pair of earrings! These are so lightweight that I forget they’re in. The downside to that is I sometimes accidentally push them up against my ear and the lack of weight means they’ll stay crooked until I fix them.

  • Everlane authentic stretch high-rise skinny button fly: I wasn’t too keen on the washed black color at first, but I decided that I liked that option as an alternative to my solid black denim. These jeans are amazing! They’re softer than my black denim, and the button fly is so fun. I took size 26 in the ankle length and they fit perfectly.

  • Everlane cotton-linen crewneck sweater: I’ve already worn this sweater so many times! It’s a great neutral for spring and summer, and it’s perfect to throw on in case of air conditioning. I purchased a size XS which was the right choice since it’s stretches out a bit with wear.

  • J.Crew Factory linen-cotton drawstring pant: These pants will be perfect for work this summer! The darker navy masks both wrinkles and the drawstring waistband. I took my usual size 0.

  • J.Crew Factory block-heel sandals: These sandals get excellent reviews so I had to give them a try myself! I have a pair of flat gold sandals already, but they’re looking a little beat up after taking them on beach vacations, and I’m glad to have a second, heeled pair to wear for dressier occasions that may arise…or just any random day. ;) I took my usual size 7.

  • Minnie & George oversized circle crossbody bag (no longer available): This was the handmade bag I ordered at the end of December and had to wait for while it was made. It was quite an ordeal to receive the bag (didn’t hear anything about my order for two months, reached out at the end of March, received shipping confirmation a couple of weeks later, tracking didn’t work for over a week…), but I finally received my bag and I’m very happy with it! I love the shape.

  • Uniqlo linen blend sleeveless blouse: I fell in love with the color, and the style is perfect for spring and summer, so of course I ordered it! It fits well in my usual XS. There is a lot of room in the torso as expected, but if I had sized down it would be too tight in the shoulders.

  • LOFT striped tie waist button front skirt: I hadn’t purchased anything from LOFT in forever! I stopped in store to browse and this skirt caught my eye, so I ordered it during the next 50% off sale. The stripes are black and white but I like that the black isn’t stark. It features side pockets and fits true to size (took my usual size 0).

  • H&M ribbed top: I stopped in store to donate a bag of old, worn out clothes and textiles for recycling and ended up looking around. I’ve been wanting to give the ribbed top trend a try; I hadn’t worn anything ribbed in probably close to two decades and it wasn’t a particular favorite of mine the first time around, haha. I bought this top in a size small since H&M adjusted their sizing recently. I probably should have tried it on in store since it’s a little snug over the bust.

  • Earth Chestnut platform sandal (c/o): I partnered with Earth again this spring to style a couple of pairs of shoes from their recent collection. I picked these platform sandals in black to replace a different pair of black sandals, and I love them! They’re not difficult to walk in, which is something I was worried about. I took my usual size 7.

  • Earth Cedarwood convertible sneaker (c/o): Earth is getting more into athleisure, so I picked these sneakers to feature. I love the white/silver colorway, and of course, they’re incredibly comfortable. I got my usual size 7 but I think a 6.5 would have fit better.

What I tried and returned:

  • LOFT marled tie back sweater: I ordered this sweater in both colors, pink and grey, in my usual size XS, thinking I would keep one…but I was not thrilled by the fit so back they both went.

  • J.Crew Factory block-heel sandals in saddle: Lots of people rave about these sandals in the saddle color because they’re a great neutral option, but the color didn’t look right on my skin tone so they were returned.

  • J.Crew Factory linen-cotton drawstring pants in faded moss: I thought I was going to keep this pair over the navy pair, but I ended up liking how the dark navy masked the wrinkles better. I was hoping these would match the green top I bought from Uniqlo but they are just different enough that it didn’t work. (Not surprising, since they’re different brands and all.)

What’s on deck for summer:

  • Everlane cotton twill shorts: I ordered these shorts in bone along with another pair of the denim shorts (also in bone) to compare them. I really liked these when I tried them on the first time, so I’ll likely hold onto these and return the bone denim shorts. They’ll end up in my summer budget post. I ordered size 0 in these and size 25 in the denim shorts (same size as my other pair).

  • ABLE Estefani knotted wrap heels: ABLE held their first online sample sale last week. I had been wanting these heels, so I picked up a pair in “paprika” (I think cognac would have been more versatile but they sold out of my size quickly). I placed my order before looking at the reviews, which said they ran small…so fingers crossed I can make them work!

  • I can’t think of anything specific that I plan to buy in the next couple of months, but I’m trying to keep my wardrobe plan in the back of my head since I was getting a little off track this season. The big Nordstrom sale will be happening in July, which is always tempting…but I may try not ordering anything and seeing if anything makes it to sale in September (because that always seems to happen haha). We’ll see!

Winter budget

Winter 2019 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Madewell flannel Sunday shirt in stripe (seen here): $66 (originally $88)
Madewell Esme bow boot in velvet (seen here and here): $98 (originally $198)
Madewell flannel Sunday shirt (seen here and here): $61.50 (originally $88)
Uniqlo ultra light down vest (seen here): $40 (originally $50)
J.Crew ribbed beanie with pom-pom (seen here, here, here, here, and here): $19 (originally $40)
J.Crew solid cashmere scarf (seen here): $48 (originally $98)
Lamini Carmine multi-stitch scarf via Amour Vert (seen here): $46 (originally $350)
Amour Vert Raelynn crew neck tee: $54.50 (originally $68)

+ $221 on a new size in the Charlotte Olympia Kitty velvet flats (originally purchased October 2016)

Winter 2019 Total = $500 ($654 - $25 Madewell gift card - $129 earned from Poshmark sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) / $599.50 (December), $0 (January), $54.50 (February) / $0 left over

Woo, first budget post of 2019! Once again, the December sales got me… I think I might try planning for that better this year. At least I do a quarterly budget, and since it restarts in December, I end up always using the bulk of it in December. Thank goodness those Poshmark sales kept me in line. I balanced out the spending in December by not adding anything to my wardrobe in January (though I did try…) and then only adding one item in February! I was much less keen on shopping. I was tired of looking at winter clothes while simultaneously not in the mood to buy for spring.

I purchased eight new items, seven of which were bought in December. Probably the most interesting purchase, though, was my ninth purchase: a second pair of Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ flats! The first pair I have are just slightly too big. I definitely wasn’t intending on ordering them in a new size right now, but they were on sale for such a good price (ha, they were my single most expensive clothing purchase of the past quarter!). I haven’t worn them out yet because I plan to get the leather soles reinforced like I did with my first pair. I’ll likely end up selling the first pair to try and recoup the cost of the new pair.

What I kept:

  • Madewell flannel Sunday shirt in stripe: These are my favorite flannel shirts by Madewell! I ordered this one way back in November during their week-long Black Friday sale. I took it in size XS because it fits slightly oversized compared to Madewell's other flannel shirts (in other shirts, I usually size up to small for my shoulders). I love the side pockets and the fact that the white isn't see through.

  • Madewell Esme bow boot in velvet: I took advantage of another Madewell sale in December, which was better than their Black Friday sale (of course), and picked up these boots along with a couple of other items. I was initially on the fence about these boots, but after pairing them with different items in my closet, I decided to hold onto them. They're not my typical "staple" boot color or style which is what threw me off. They go with a lot more than I thought they would, and the color is gorgeous! I enjoy having a more “exciting” pair of shoes.

  • Madewell flannel Sunday shirt: I wanted to order the burgundy flannel Sunday shirt along with the striped shirt, but my size was sold out! Of course, it came back in stock a few days later so I ordered it along with the ankle boots. I also took it in size XS but was disappointed that the sleeves shrunk a little bit after being washed.

  • Uniqlo ultra light down vest: I already had this vest in navy but often wished I had a black version. I ordered it in size small per reviews, and it fits like my navy vest does. It's a great layer.

  • J.Crew ribbed beanie with pom-pom: I placed an order at the end of J.Crew’s 50% off Black Friday sale that crashed the site when it first went live! I'm obsessed with this hat and wear it all of the time! It fits my head perfectly. The only downside is how linty/cat hairy it gets since it's black.

  • J.Crew solid cashmere scarf: I found this scarf in the men's section, naturally. It's a lightweight cashmere so not something I reach for on the coldest days, but I love how soft it is. I bought the beanie and scarf together and figured they would look good worn together.

  • Lamini Carmine multi-stitch scarf: Amour Vert hosted their first online sample sale at the end of December, and I ended up ordering this beautiful alpaca scarf by Lamini. It's softer than I thought it would be—thank goodness—and I'm a big fan of the mixed stitches to keep it interesting. Bonus: I often catch my cat, Sybil, sniffing it intensely with her mouth open. Ha!

  • Amour Vert Raelynn crew neck tee: I'm starting to think a little bit ahead and purchased this top in anticipation of spring/summer. It's a basic black top in a soft modal blend and has pleated sleeve details at the shoulder. I might end up tailoring the sleeves to be just a tad shorter. I ordered it in a size small but received a size XS, which still fits slightly loose in the body and isn't too snug in the bust like I worried about.

What I ordered and never received (order cancelled):

  • Madewell flannel tie-front shirt: I didn’t buy anything in January until the end of the month when I placed an order for this shirt. Well, my no-buy continued because Madewell oversold the shirt. (The annoying part was that the size I ordered was still showing it was in stock. Sigh.) I had ordered it in size small even though I really wanted to try the medium because the reviews said it ran small, so I guess it’s okay that it was cancelled. But the medium is likely gone forever!

  • Uniqlo ultra light down jacket: I ordered this in off white after the Everlane puffer I ordered didn’t work out (see below). This one looks more like the color I want, and I like that the zippers match. Sadly my order was cancelled, but I’ll probably end up ordering it again unless I find something I like better. Maybe soon if the cold weather continues! I ordered a size XS after studying the measurements. (Why don’t all retailers included garment measurements?!)

What I tried and returned:

  • Madewell Brady lowcut bootie: These booties look adorable on other people, but I did not like them on myself unfortunately. I also didn’t keep them because they’re definitely more of a fall and spring shoe, and the English saddle color didn’t match my other English saddle items. I sized down to a 6.5 per reviews (I’m normally a 7) and that was the right size.

  • Everlane ReNew lightweight puffer: This was my first ReNew purchase. I ordered this puffer in stone, size small. I wanted a lighter, whiter color to add some variety because I wear my black puffer all the time. The size was right, but the color was darker than I thought it would be (looks more champagne-colored to me in person). I also wasn’t a fan of the darker zippers, and the horizontal stitching next to the front zipper was not aligned…

  • Amour Vert Veta balloon sleeve sweater: I ordered this along with the crew neck tee, really thinking I would love this sweater the most out of the two. I ordered size XS after asking for measurements (of which I was only given body length and sleeve length…), but I didn’t love the fit on me. It wasn’t tight but felt like I’d constantly be adjusting it. I appreciated the long sleeves, but they were too long for being balloon sleeves and they bunched up around my wrists, kind of killing (deflating?) the balloon sleeve look.

What’s on deck for spring:

  • Nothing…yet! I’m waiting for an item I ordered at the end of December to arrive. It’s being handmade, and the maker closed that part of her business so she got a bunch of orders during her final sale. It’s hard to be patient! ;) I also have some items on my wish list: washed black denim by Everlane (either the button fly skinny or maybe the cigarette style?), a pair of boots from Nisolo’s Commuter collection (they have rubber soles!), and a proper rain coat (any suggestions for a warm/lined rain coat? I may go with a utilitarian brand like The North Face…).