Winter budget

Winter 2018 wardrobe additions β€” Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Everlane modern boyfriend jean (seen here and here): $68
Grana cashmere volume sweater (sold out; seen here, here, and here): $43 (originally $115)
Madewell 10" high-rise skinny jeans: tulip-hem edition (seen here): $103 (originally $128)

+ $8 to patch my Madewell legging jeans

Winter (January/February) Total = $11 ($222 - $68 Everlane credit - $43 Grana credit - $100 Madewell gift card)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $206.50 (December) - $11 (January/February) = $282.50 left over

In a bizarre twist of events, I didn't even spend half of the budget I allotted for myself the past three months. I would like to attribute that to the fact that I downloaded Mint and have been watching my spending like a hawk, but I haven't really been watching my spending, LOL. It feels good to realize that I don't need to be shopping nonstop. I'm not feeling terribly satisfied with my wardrobe right now since it's the end of winter and I'm tired of my clothes, but I'm also being pickier than usual about what I add, and that's really why I haven't bought a whole lot. I'm not mad about it! ;)

I'm not sure yet if I will roll that leftover amount to my spring budget, but I have three months to decide. I guess I'll have to see if I find over $700 worth of items to add in the next couple of months, haha. Doubtful, but never say never. I also made over $200 selling items on Poshmark since the end of December, so I have that to play with, too!

As you'll be able to tell in the detailed recap below, I've been shopping mostly at Everlane these days. Oops! I'm going to try to branch out more in the spring... :) I'm still holding firm to my wardrobe plan for the year and hoping I can cross some items off when more spring merchandise is released!

What I kept:

  • Everlane modern boyfriend jean: When I saw the light blue wash teased on their social media, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair! It was the perfect opportunity to try their modern boyfriend jeans, and I'm addicted. I love these jeans so much. They're extremely comfortable compared to my black skinny jeans. I ended up sizing down to 24, and while it's still a bit roomy in the waist, they don't fall off without a belt. The legs are also still loose but don't look sloppy. I'm very tempted to order these in another color...probably the medium wash. Highly recommend!
  • Grana cashmere volume sweater (sold out): I placed a big order with a ton of shirts for my boyfriend (they're his favorite) during Grana's No-Markup sale that started in mid-December and included this sweater for myself. It took forever for my order to arrive; it had been almost a month since I placed my order when it finally arrived. It was mostly due to the fact that it took them over a week to ship it. Gah! I'm probably not ever going to pick the slow shipping ever again, lol. Anyway, I adore my sweater, which is pretty obvious since I've already featured it here three times! It's black and attracts all the cat hair, as expected, but I still enjoy wearing it!
  • Madewell 10" high-rise skinny jeans: tulip-hem edition: I received a gift card to Madewell for Christmas and decided to use it on a new pair of jeans. At the time I ordered these, I was so over all of my jeans! These were backordered and delayed an extra week but I received them at the beginning of February. I actually was surprised when I got them because they seemed so different in person. They are definitely not as dark as they appear in the stock photo above. I decided to hang onto them because they're on the lighter end of the spectrum, and I don't really have any other washes like this one in my collection already. I love the hem detail, but I'm not super crazy about the whiskering. I must say that these jeans fit like a dream! I ordered my usual 25 (in the short inseam, which are now unavailable, unfortunately) and they fit perfectly. Their new "Magic Pockets" really suck me in!

What I tried and returned:

  • Everlane 'Day' heel in velvet (sold out): I ordered these in light grey in the Choose What You Pay sale that started at the end of December. I had such high hopes, but they were just slightly too large in my usual size 7. The back of the heel kept slipping off when I walked around my living room. I'd like to try them again some day in size 6.5. I also wasn't 100% sure about the light grey; I worried they wouldn't get worn that much.
  • Everlane cotton box-cut tee: I ordered this tee, which I already own in white (and love), in another color to get free shipping with the 'Day' heel. I ended up returning it because the color I received was "rhubarb" (muted red, almost pink) while the color shown in the product photos (and on my packing slip) was a true red. (I noticed that the link to the product says "rhubarb" but the product still has "red" listed...) Ah well. I didn't even try it on but I ordered it in my usual XS.

What is currently en route:

  • Everlane kick crop jean: Oops, I did it again. ;) I got really excited about these when I saw them because they're a different style but not super flared. I bought these in bone, so they will work perfectly in the spring and summer, and I don't think the frayed ends will be as obvious so I'm hoping they will be work-appropriate. I got size 25 since that's the size I took in the skinny jean and my fingers are crossed!
  • Everlane slim classic French terry crew: I've been planning to buy an ivory sweatshirt for a while now, so I took the plunge and finally ordered the famous French terry crew to get free shipping with the kick crop jean (can you tell I hate paying for shipping?). I debated a lot between the slim classic version and their newly-released lightweight version but opted for the slim classic after studying the product photos/videos and the garment measurements for each. (It seems like the lightweight version runs one size larger than the slim classic.) I decided to size up to a small after looking at the garment measurements. I hope it fits me the way I want! BUT, if it is slightly too large, I have some wiggle room to wash/dry it and hope for some shrinkage.