6 of my current favorite beauty products

I'm definitely not as into beauty products as I am clothes, and beauty products are definitely not my forte. But, I try new products every once in a while (usually on recommendation from another blogger or someone I know in real life). I'm pretty basic when it comes to the basics (ha), and I tend to get overwhelmed by options when I browse for new products myself, so it helps to hear recommendations from people I trust.

Today's post is all about the "extra" products I've added to my collection in the past year or so. I split them up into products I use on my face and products I use in my hair!

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral, Glossier Boy Brow, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 / My step mom had this powder in Florida last summer, and it was excellent at minimizing the shine (thanks, humidity!) while also protecting my face from the sun. I decided to order it for myself last fall even though I don't really need to use it in the fall, winter, and spring...and it apparently expires this summer. Bad timing on my part. (I did bring it to Mexico with me, though.) I think it may be worth repurchasing each summer if I use it enough.

Glossier Boy Brow / I placed my first Glossier order last summer, and I only bought two of their Boy Brow (in brown) because I had heard such great things about it. Fast forward over six months and I have since placed another order! I did use this regularly for a while, but the product is so small that it runs out fairly quickly, so now I only wear it on days that have "events" (i.e. I have actual plans besides work where I will encounter people and/or days that I plan to shoot blog photos). I love it for defining my brows a little more and for blending in my "bald" spots. It's super natural and even adds some grip if you need it for wonky hairs. Get 10% off your first Glossier order with my referral link (I'll earn $10).

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil / It seemed like every blogger I follow raved about this product at one point, so me being the good blog reader that I am, I ordered it for myself to try. I had no idea what to expect, and honestly I can't really tell you what it does LOL. I will say that it seems like my skin is brighter/less dull in the mornings after I use this. Also, a little goes a long way and this bottle will probably last me a few years (but I could also be using way too little of the product each time). 

Verb Ghost Oil, Moroccanoil Treatment, Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


Verb Ghost Oil / I mentioned this product in my top 10 beauty products back in summer 2015 and still haven't made it through a bottle yet, haha (side note: the graphic I made for that post is still one of my all-time favorites). Honestly, it's because I tend to use it the morning or two after I wash my hair, and while I love how it adds shine, it doesn't do anything to reduce the "poof" and isn't really able to tame the frizz that appear after washing my hair so I don't use it that much. I really love the shine, though, so that's why I keep it around. It looks healthy and not oily. I apply it to my ends, and 1-1.5 pumps is enough for my hair. After reading some of the reviews, I think I may try applying it to damp hair after it's washed to see if that helps the poof/frizz situation.

Moroccanoil Treatment / I realized while putting together this post that I previously wrote about this product in my relatively recent post about the "extras" I use in the shower. Everything I said in that post still holds true! I use a small dollop on the ends of my damp hair, and it seems like my hair is softer and shinier after it's dry (I shower at night and let my hair air dry while I sleep). My hair needs all the shine it can get! (It doesn't help that much with frizz, though.) It has been a mainstay in my routine for well over a year now! I recommend buying the smaller size since it is less expensive per ounce than buying the bigger size (plus you can travel with the smaller size).

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo / I won this dry shampoo in a giveaway and have been pleasantly surprised by it! I was using the Tresemme dry shampoo before and it never really seemed like it helped; my hair tended to feel greasier after using it. This stuff, on the other hand, works much better at appearing to reduce the amount of grease in my hair, and it also smells pretty good! I don't use dry shampoo often at all; my hair gets washed every couple of days, but if I am feeling particularly lazy and don't wash it, that's when I use this (I'll also pull my hair into a bun or ponytail) and then I wash it that night. I don't ever use this two or more days in a row. The only downside is that it seems like I need to use a lot for it to really show that it's working, but it could be due to my thicker hair. I'd be up for any other dry shampoo recommendations you may have!