How to style white denim for fall and winter

White skinny jeans fall outfit with blue flannel shirt — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue plaid flannel shirt fall outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
White skinny jeans outfit with blue flannel shirt — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Blue plaid flannel shirt outfit with white denim — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
How to style white denim for fall — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

White garments are most associated with the warmer months, and there is supposedly a rule that states that white is inappropriate to wear before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. This Mental Floss article discusses the possible history behind such a "rule", but as we all know, that "rule" isn't really a thing nowadays and white is worn year-round.

Still, since white is a light color, it's worn more often in the warmer months. The sun is finally back out, and people tend to lighten their wardrobes when it's warm out after months of gloom and wearing black (possibly/partially because white has a higher albedo, which means more light is reflected; because of that, you feel cooler). 

I'm a fan of wearing white year-round—even my white denim (shorts when it's hot out and jeans when the temperature drops). This pair of skinny jeans gets plenty of wear in the "off" seasons. These are my personal "rules" I follow when it comes to wearing white denim in the fall and winter:

  1. Pair it with contrasting, seasonal colors (i.e. navy, army green, brown, grey)
  2. Add texture (this is probably very obvious, but flannel shirts or sweaters are the most seasonally-appropriate tops, especially for those of you in cooler climates)
  3. Layer all the things (again, obvious, but adding layers—especially if they involve rules 1 and 2 above—is the ultimate way to "winterize" any outfit)
  4. Mix it up: go monochromatic (winter whites!) or add bright colors (they don't need to be saved for spring and summer)
  5. Closed-toe shoes only (boots, flats, and sneakers won't leave you with cold toes, and they're seasonally appropriate)

Today's look features contrasting colors (though royal blue and cognac brown aren't specifically fall/ winter colors), texture (flannel shirts for the win), and closed-toe shoes (ankle boots are my go-to). My white denim and I are ready for you, fall! :)

Below I shared eight more fall/winter outfits featuring white denim (including one outfit I technically shared in the spring but could definitely be worn in the fall or winter). 


Madewell shirt / similar by Roxy
LOFT jeans / exact
Madewell boots / old; similar
Coach bag / vintage; exact style on eBay
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by American Eagle Outfitters