Summer workwear inspiration

Summer workwear inspiration — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

As you all know, I recently started my new real-world job! I feel very lucky to have gotten this job because it was the only full-time job option right now (if this didn't work out, I would have been a part-time postdoc for my undergrad advisor). There's not a huge demand for people with atmospheric science degrees back in my hometown unfortunately. But, by some miracle I got the one job in my field and now I have health insurance and am putting money away towards retirement. ;) #adulting

With my new job comes a new dress code, as you may expect. My dress code in grad school was basically nonexistent (a.k.a. very casual). I dressed casually but fairly modestly, save for the shorts/ skirts I wore in the summer. No one really cared what anyone else wore. Most of us never were teachers or teaching assistants so we didn't have to worry about that. Now, I'm required to be a bit more professional. My office isn't formal or even business casual; it's kind casual? No one told me specifically what people can and cannot wear because there seems to be no fixed rules, but this is what I noticed from my first two weeks... Men wear collared shirts and jeans or slacks. Women wear nice tops (they don't have to be collared) and pants/jeans or dresses/skirts that hit the knee. On Fridays in the summer, shorts are allowed (but not short shorts, obviously, haha). It's definitely a doable dress code for me.

Still, I need some more in the way of "workwear" and I'm definitely in need of all the work-appropriate outfit inspiration. Right now I have a pretty solid uniform that consists of a button-up shirt + skinny pants (which you'll likely see a lot in my upcoming 10x10) so I'm hoping I can try and branch out a little bit. I'd love to add more blazers and more "nice" sleeveless tops to layer under the blazers. I might even get some midi-length skirts (and maybe culottes, if I can find the right ones). My office is really chilly (and I hear it gets worse in the winter), so right now I'm basically dressing like it's fall, which is kind of fun to be honest. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons to dress for, after all. :)

All that to say: the pieces and looks above are what I'm into right now. (Gimme every shade of blue... clearly! Haha!) And if you have any outfit inspiration and/or favorite brands that sell workwear, please send them my way! 

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