June budget

June 2017 wardrobe additions — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Olivia Moon knit blazer via Nordstrom: $51 (originally $80)
Hat Attack 'Festival' crossbody bag via Shopbop (seen here): $43 (originally $90)
BlankNYC suede moto jacket via Nordstrom Rack: $107 (originally $198)

+ a new size in my Madewell flannel shirt in Barlow Plaid ($22.50; originally purchased July 2016)

June Total = $129.50 ($223.50 - $94 earned from Poshmark)

$400 (quarterly budget) - $129.50 (June) = $270.50 left for July and August

I don't think I've ever had such a weird mish-mash of items in a budget update post before, haha! As you can probably imagine, I won't be wearing of these together anytime soon (or ever). ;)

I ended up keeping the blazer I bought last month but not keeping the Leith dress (neither size was a good fit on me). I think the blazer will be good to have on hand in case I get a job with a more "professional" dress code. I may even wear it for an upcoming interview! It's still on sale at Nordstrom and I ended up with size small petite, though I may have gotten a mis-marked blazer because it doesn't seem as petite as it should be. I tried on an XS petite in store which fit better length-wise but was too tight in the shoulders.

I picked up the straw bag in the recent Shopbop sale-on-sale for an upcoming tropical vacation. I wasn't expected to love it as much as I do! It's a great size for holding the necessities, and I love the blue tassels. As I mentioned in my most recent outfit post, I shortened the crossbody strap a bit by tying a knot in the middle. I also developed a weird quirk when I obtained this bag: constantly petting/adjusting the tassels to make sure they're straight. Lol.

The suede jacket was a bit of an impulse purchase. I saw that many of the seasonal colors were included in the Nordstrom sale earlier in the month and ordered the jacket in slate, size XS. Then a couple of days later, I found the same jacket at Nordstrom Rack for cheaper and in more sizes/colors. I bought it in charcoal, size small after reading reviews and thinking the XS might be too tight on my shoulders. The charcoal jacket arrived first and I fell madly in love. It makes me feel so badass! The size XS jacket fit fine but wouldn't have allowed for layering underneath, so I ended up holding onto the charcoal jacket (both colors are great but I think I prefer the charcoal a bit more than the slate). I'm trying to not wish away summer but I won't lie, I am so looking forward to breaking this beauty out come fall! ;)

The final addition of the month was a new size in one of my favorite flannel shirts. I originally got it in XS, which fit great until it shrunk a bit in the wash... Boo. I came across the next size up on eBay for a great price and snatched it up. The other one is now on my Poshmark waiting for its next home. (FYI: I've got a lot listed right now and plan to add more as soon as I can find a good spot to take photos!)

I ordered this striped dress from Madewell and was planning on keeping it until I wore it around the house and found that I was adjusting it too much. It's just too low cut for me. :( Bummed because I used a great coupon on it! Otherwise, what's on deck for next month: possibly another straw bag and some goodies from Everlane! (And, of course, the Nordstrom sale will probably get me, too...)