July budget

July 2016 wardrobe additions β€” Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Amour Vert 'Riley' silk shirt (seen here): $111 (originally $148)
LOFT striped lace-up top: $32 (originally $60)
Trouve mixed media tank top via Nordstrom: $35 (originally $49)
Madewell 'Ex Boyfriend' shirt via Nordstrom: $49 (originally $82; used $10 reward on $59)
Everlane cotton poplin pleated skirt: $63 ($58 + $5 shipping; used credit)
Grana pima box tee: $19 (used credit)
Grana denim A-line skirt: $39 (used credit)

July Total = $227

$450 (quarterly budget) - $105 (June) - $227 (July) = $118 left for August

I added seven new items to my wardrobe this month yet only paid for four of them. Not bad! Thank you to everyone who has used my Everlane and Grana referral links. I really appreciate it so much! :)

I was a little bit heavy on the tops even though that's an area of my closet that definitely does not need any new additions. I'm not sure why, but even though I already have a bunch of options, I keep buying more. They're my favorite thing to buy to freshen up my wardrobe.

I'm in love with my new silk shirt from Amour Vert, which is in the prettiest tropical print. I took my regular XS in it and it fits wonderfully. It's also surprisingly not sheer; I wore it with a nude-to-me bra and was fine. I'm tempted to try it with a black bra to see how much it shows and if I'd be comfortable wearing it like that. (Maybe not to school?) The lace-up LOFT top is really similar to a Madewell top I tried on a few months ago. While I loved the style of the Madewell top, it was too sheer, so I never ended up getting it. I'm not crazy about the sleeves on the LOFT top, but when I push them up it looks really cute. It's not sheer, and I love the vertical stripes, which are the first in my wardrobe. I bought it in my usual XS as well as the XS petite, and the regular XS was huge! The petite fit much better overall.

I received half of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order. I ordered the Trouve tank just to try, and I ended up loving it. It's different while still being a good basic, especially for layering in the fall and winter. It is a bit long on me but drapes really nicely. I got it in an XS and it fits comfortably. I saw the Madewell flannel when I was in store the day the sale opened for cardholders and couldn't believe it was the exact same flannel that Madewell had two years ago. I wanted it so bad back then but never was able to buy it since it sold out at full price. I immediately placed an order for it with my reward for signing up for Nordstrom Rewards. I'm so happy I have it now! I could have waited to see if Madewell would have it and then waited for a sale there, but now I don't have to. In addition, I ordered this felt hat in a rust/tan color, this pair of lace-up flats (in two colors: chestnut and pewter), and this bra. I received the chestnut flats but am unsure about them, so I ordered the pewter ones to see if I like those better... (Though I would have also tried the light pink flats if my size was still in stock!) It'd be really cool if the chestnut flats matched the felt hat.

With some of my credit to Everlane (my referral link), I ordered their new cotton poplin pleated skirt. I have been wanting to add a relatively simple navy skirt to my wardrobe for a while and figured I'd give it a try. I need to give it a good iron, but it's really cute and fits me well in the size 0. I'm really excited to style it. With some of my credit to Grana (my referral link; get 10% off your first order), I ordered the striped tee and denim skirt. I love the slightly cropped shape of the tee and the burgundy stripes for something a little different yet still me. It looks cute with the denim skirt! The skirt was something I was tempted to try since I love button-up A-line skirts on me. It is a bit longer than I was expecting, but I think it's a fun addition. I also ordered a couple of pairs of their Italian Sensitive underwear. I plan on writing a review post on everything in a couple of weeks.

Next month's budget post will have the rest of my Nordstrom order if I end up liking everything, but other than that I have no purchasing plans right now... That always seems to change, though, in my experience. ;) I've also been working on adding some things to my Poshmark account! I really need to clean out my tops...

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