Friday the 13th

Fall outfit with plaid top and taupe ankle boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Madewell Herald Tee in Curtis Plaid — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Earth Pineberry ankle boots fall outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Fall outfit with navy plaid top — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Are you superstitious? I'm not really...but I do knock on wood when I say things that I hope don't come true! That's about it, though. I have no qualms with the number 13 or with black cats that cross my path. On a related note, did you know that most—if not all—hotels don't have a 13th floor? I think that is so weird. Just because a floor is numbered 14 doesn't make it the 14th floor up...! Haha. Anyway, it's kind of exciting that Friday the 13th happens in October this year. Even though I'm not a fan of the Halloween season much myself, it's fun and adds to the spooky season.

Unfortunately, I don't really have a themed outfit to go along with today's date, so you're getting a simple, non-accessorized outfit featuring my taupe boots again. I've had fun styling them again now that the we're back in boot season! I spent some time looking through my closet last week to figure out which of my tops would go with these boots. For some reason, these have been harder to style than I had anticipated, and I think it's related to the color. I'm used to cognac, dark brown, and black...but not taupe! I pulled out this plaid top because the color in it is cream, so I thought it would go well with the taupe. I also wore these boots in a recent outfit with black, so I'm slowly figuring out how to work them into my outfits.

Hope you have a great weekend! I can finally park in the garage, so things are exciting around here. Now I just need to deal with all of the boxes I moved into the house, haha...


Madewell top / old; similar from JCPenney (last seen here)
Madewell jeans / old; similar
Earth boots c/o / exact (last seen here)
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact