Winter 10x10 — Outfit 1

Winter 10x10: Striped tee, grey skinny jeans, black ankle boots, plaid scarf — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Navy and red plaid scarf with navy and red striped tee — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Grey jeans outfit with striped tee and plaid scarf — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Striped tee + plaid scarf — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Yay! It's the first outfit of my winter 10x10! I'm kicking off my remix challenge with a little bit of pattern mixing because, well, why not?! ;)

Because this day was the last of the warm streak (at a whopping 27°F), I decided to wear my striped tee instead of the flannel shirt or one of the sweaters. I added my grey skinny jeans with about an inch or so of the hem folded under because they bunch strangely around these boots. I'm glad I wore the grey jeans for some added color. I decided to venture out in this exact outfit—so, exposed ankles included. I wasn't outside for very long so it wasn't a big deal. I think this outfit would have looked cool with an outside cuff or two on the jeans and exposed socks; if only I hadn't forgotten the socks! ;) I added my plaid scarf for interest and warmth (accessories aren't included in my ten items). Both the scarf and the tee have navy and red in them so they go together perfectly.

Due to logistics and the weather, I shot all of my 10x10 outfits indoors. I definitely prefer shooting outdoors since it seems more "real" (and my camera has a difficult time focusing indoors for some reason). I'll be sure to mention whenever my "real" outfit differed from the outfit shown here, and you should imagine each outfit with a winter coat over it since it was far too cold to go without. ;)

In addition to making notes about each outfit, I'm also going to be focusing on one of the ten items in each post and talking about why I love it and similar options if you're in the market. Lee does this in her posts and I loved the idea!


A striped tee is considered a staple wardrobe item for most people—myself included. I can't get enough of the pattern. My absolute favorite stripe combinations are navy and white, black and white, and red and white. Imagine how excited I was to come across this navy and red striped tee by Uniqlo! I couldn't buy it fast enough. (I mean, I even paid for shipping, which is something I avoid doing at all costs.) I am typically an XS at Uniqlo but decided to buy a small after looking at the garment measurements. I'm so glad I did because it fits exactly how I like—loose but not sloppy, structured but not stiff. The sleeves are perfect on my long arms, and the torso is shorter than typical tees so it doesn't bunch up around my hips. It shrunk a tiny bit after washing since it's cotton, but luckily I had a little bit of room to spare. I can't say enough good things about this tee! I wish it was still available to buy. I found a few that are similar but I was unable to find something with the exact same stripes. If you also love stripes but are wanting something with a bit more pizazz, a tee like this with multiple colors is a great option!

1) Long-sleeve striped boatneck shirt by J.Crew Factory ($50, on sale for $37) / Long sleeved. Available in navy with red stripes or ivory with navy stripes. (Other colorways also available.)

2) Women's Signature Cotton/Modal Boatneck Top by L.L.Bean ($44, on sale for $35) / 3/4-length sleeves. Available in navy with red and white stripes, white with red stripes, or white with navy stripes (limited sizes). (Other colorways also available.)

3) Modern boatneck stripe tee by Gap ($25, on sale for $15-$17) / Long sleeved. Pima cotton blend. Available in navy with white stripes, white with navy stripes, or red with white stripes. (Other colorways also available.) Some colorways available in tall and petite.

4) Striped boat neck long sleeve t-shirt by Uniqlo ($15) / Long sleeved. Available in ivory with navy stripes or ivory with red stripes. (Other colorways also available.)

5) Striped boatneck t-shirt by J.Crew ($40) / Bracelet-length sleeves. Available in ivory with navy stripes.


Uniqlo tee / unavailable; similar options above
Madewell jeans / unavailable; similar (high rise)
Sam Edelman boots / exact (on sale!)
Madewell scarf / unavailable; similar by J.Crew Factory

P.S. How do you like this post format? I've been toying with the idea of switching up how I format outfit posts, so I thought now was a great time to try something new! Let me know how you feel about it. :)