Life Lately #2

Halogen 'Owen' lace-up flats via Nordstrom — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I mentioned in my July budget post that I had ordered the Halogen 'Owen' lace-up flats from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in chestnut and pewter. When the post went live, I had only received the chestnut flats. While I love the color, it doesn't match cognac as well as I was hoping it would, and I'm not as crazy about the suede. The blush color ended up coming back in stock in my size, so I ordered those in addition to the pewter. Now I'm trying to decide between the three, as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

I love the pewter color, but I'm torn on whether or not it matches my closet as well as I would like. It definitely goes with black and white and burgundy. I'm trying to decide if that is enough, because I want to keep the pair that I will wear the most. The pewter isn't a typical silver which is what makes it slightly harder to match. It kind of has a red tint to it. The blush is gorgeous and more of a typical "neutral", but I worry that they'll get dirtier quicker and the color is more spring/summer than fall/winter. Which pair do you like the most?!

BTW, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today, so if there was anything you had your eyes on I'd place the order now... :) I'm done shopping it; I've already spent way too much!

View of Salt Lake City from Hidden Peak, Snowbird Resort, Utah — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Last week, I ventured up to Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is one of the main canyons into the Salt Lake Valley from the Wasatch Mountains. LCC is home to Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts, and I took the aerial tram at Snowbird up to the top of Hidden Peak—an elevation of 11,000 feet! (If you have ever flown out of SLC, you probably noticed that you're at the top of the mountains when the plane reaches 10,000 feet!)

The view was incredible from all directions, and I highly recommend making the trip if you're in the area. I was surprised that it only cost $20 round trip! Of course, be cautious if the weather looks like it may turn (though there's a lodge at the top you can take refuge in). There are tons of other fun summer activities at Snowbird, too, such as a mountain coaster, alpine slide, bungee trampolines, and more. It's a fabulous mini getaway when the temperatures are soaring in the valley.

Summer 2016 beauty favorites — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I thought I'd finish with a quick update on a couple of beauty products I've been using lately. You may remember from Life Lately #1 that I purchased the Yes to Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream during a Cartwheel promo at Target. I really wish I had thought to take a before photo, because I honestly can't tell if it's made a difference in my forehead wrinkles or not. *insert monkey-covering-face emoji here* I keep using it, though, because it hasn't had any ill-effects on my skin. I'm only about halfway through the jar after using it for a few months. I basically only dip my fingertips in it because a little goes a long way. Has anyone else used this with more obvious results?

My mom is an esthetician and recently started her own skin care line. She sent me a one of the tinted mineral sunscreens, and I've been using it in place of my typical BB cream this summer. I love how it gives me a little bit of color but doesn't make me look too tan, as I don't need to look more tan than I already am. (I've gotten quite a bit of sun on my face as evidenced by my lovely sunglasses tan on my nose, ha!)

When I was in for a facial at the end of June, she also said I could start using a retinol cream... Eeep! Are there any that you would recommend? I'm so not looking forward to the whole aging thing.