Outfits I've Repeated: Fall/winter edition

Bloggers have a habit of talking about how they're going to repeat their favorites—and then you never see them on the blog again. How do you really know if they're rewearing their clothes? You don't, unless you know them in real life, I guess. Well, I actually do rewear my clothes quite often and love a good remix challenge. Sometimes I even repeat entire outfits. Back in April, I shared the spring/summer blog outfits I've repeated, and I'm back now to share the fall/winter edition.

The outfits are ordered from most worn to least worn and then in reverse chronological order. Thanks to my very favorite iPhone app, Stylebook, I know exactly how many times I have worn each of my outfits. I wore the first two outfits four times, the second three outfits three times, and the last 13 outfits two times. I love a simple, no-fuss outfit combination and definitely see myself wearing these outfits many times in the future. Most of these were repeated after the blog post, but a few of them were put together and then worn again to photograph for the blog. I even have an outfit coming to the blog soon that I've already worn twice! ;)