Trends to Try, vol. 2

A couple of months ago, I shared a few trends that I've either tried or thought were worth trying. I'm not one that immediately jumps on every trend bandwagon; I tend to watch from the sidelines for a while as I decide whether or not a trend really suits me and my personal style. Most of them end up not being my taste, especially at first, but sometimes they grow on me. Here are a few more trends I think are worth trying this fall/winter (and beyond)...

Trend to try: Velvet — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

& Other Stories / Topshop / Madewell
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I am obsessing over this trend for fall/winter, but I don't think I'll be purchasing much of it because velvet and cat hair do not mix well. Wah-wah. At least I have my velvet 'Kitty' flats—and it doesn't matter so much if those are covered in cat hair, right? ;)

I love velvet because it's such a luxe fabric that perfectly embodies fall/winter—especially holiday parties and the like. I'm especially a fan of velvet jackets, skirts, and shoes (flats, heels, and boots in particular). You could wear a velvet jacket to elevate a basic tee-and-jeans outfit or to add texture to a monochrome outfit. A velvet skirt pairs perfectly with a Peter Pan collar, a cozy cardigan, floral, or contrasting layers (and it would also be adorable with a cropped sweater!). Rock a pair of velvet boots with double denim a la Gigi Hadid. Plum velvet boots complete a lace dress and edgy jacket while pink velvet pumps add a romantic twist to a sweater and jeans.

Trend to try: Lace-up tops — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Karen Kane / J.O.A. / Express
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I am absolutely 100% into this trend from the start. I love the interest the laces add to an otherwise basic article of clothing whether it's a striped tee or a sweater. While I prefer the laces that close tightly, especially if they drop low on the chest, I think it's cool that you can kind of pick your own look and either leave them open for something more sultry or closed for something more day-to-day/work-appropriate. I'm so tempted to add a sweater version to my closet this season!

I picked up a striped lace-up top from LOFT this summer and have only featured it on here once so far, but it's one of my favorite outfits ever: with a denim skirt and floppy felt hat. They're super easy to wear. Instead of picking out a simple tee, put on a lace-up tee instead. It achieves the same look but with a little bit of spice. For example, this simple white shirt and black pants outfit is a no-fail combination made a bit trendier by the laces on the shirt.

Trend to try: Saddle bags — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Kate Spade / Madewell / Cambridge Satchel Company
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This was one of those trends I was really on the fence about when the ubiquitous Chloe 'Drew' bag came on the blogging scene. I'm not really sure what turned me off of the trend at first—maybe the shape? Rounded purse bottoms don't usually jive well with rectangular wallets. That's a pretty lame reason, I'll admit. Regardless, I've warmed up to the idea of them now, especially because they're just a differently-shaped crossbody bag. I'm all about crossbody bags.

Saddle bags are relatively season-less depending on the color and material, just like any other bag. Here are a few ways to wear the trend: with a dress and ankle boots, with monochrome neutrals, with stripes and skinny jeans, with a leather jacket, with light layers, and with a blanket scarf. I mean, it basically goes without saying that they work with any outfit. ;)

Trend to try: Sleeveless sweaters — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Madewell / J.Crew / J.Crew Factory
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Here's another trend I questioned when I first saw it. When would it ever be cool enough for a sweater yet warm enough for a tank top? I couldn't think of a scenario in which a sleeveless sweater would be the appropriate choice. Alas, I've decided that I like this look when it's either a) a thinner sweater tucked into a flirty skirt or b) a thicker sweater layered with a long-sleeved tee underneath (and if the tee is striped, even better).

You could wear a sleeveless sweater with a button-front skirt, layered over a collared polka dot shirt, with distressed jeans and sandals for a "faux" fall look, with a striped tee and ankle boots, over a white shirt paired with black pants, with white pants and cognac accessories, or over a dress. I for one think they would work well under a blazer; the lack of sleeves makes it easier to layer under other garments!