Trends to Try, vol. 1

I don't consider myself someone who follows the trends—at least, not when they first arrive on the scene. It takes me a while to consider a trend once it makes its appearance. (It took me forever to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, for instance. My step mom was using it way before me so clearly I'm not that cool.) When it comes to fashion trends, I need to make sure it will fit seamlessly into my personal style before I make any purchases. A lot of the time, I appreciate certain trends on other people but know they won't work for me. 

That said, there are a few trends every now and then that I find myself gravitating towards. Here are four trends that I've tried or that I think are worth trying if you're trend-shy like I am. ;)

Trend to try: Chokers — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

BaubleBar / BP / Forever 21
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Ah, chokers. They've made a comeback. I actually don't hate this trend as much as I thought I did. I very much resisted the true wrap-around-the-neck chokers at first, but I may have to try one of these for myself... Hopefully I don't have too many flashbacks from my childhood!

I love the simple chokers that add something a little bit different to an outfit, especially the ones with the long strings that drape beautifully down the chest. It's just enough, right? I bought a geometric-shaped gold choker from J.Crew a couple of years ago, and though I struggle to find just the right outfts in which to wear it, I have featured it in some outfits: with a fun top and jeans for Christmas Eve, under a button-up shirt, with a peplum top and boyfriend jeans, with a patterned dress and leather accessories, and with wintery layers.

Trend to try: Bomber jackets — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Topshop / Express / American Eagle Outfitters
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I am all about bomber jackets! They are such a great light jacket option for the cooler weather in the fall and spring. While I do love the utility jackets that have been so popular recently (and wear mine constantly), I'm glad there's another jacket trending right now so I can give my utility jacket a break. I'm drawn to the chambray versions—no surprise there—but it did surprise me when I realized I loved the satin look! The olive green color is so perfect for fall, too.

I bought myself an embellished bomber jacket at the beginning of the year, and while it fits perfectly in my wardrobe because of its grey base color, I haven't worn it as much as I thought I would because it is missing pockets. They're a pretty crucial element, I've found! Nonetheless, I've worn my bomber jacket with a simple sweater and skinny jeans and most recently with a collared blouse and mini skirt. The beauty of this jacket is that they work with everything (minus a formal occasion, of course).

Trend to try: Cropped flare jeans — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

PaigeDL1961 / Old Navy
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I have to admit, I'm not thrilled about the idea of flares being back in style. Not only am I not thrilled about the style, but it's really difficult to find a pair that fits my borderline-petite self correctly. For some reason, though, I'm intrigued by the cropped flare trend. I think it all started when Crystalin shared this outfit; I'm obsessed with those jeans and wish they hadn't sold out so quickly! While I love how the flare isn't too overwhelming, I'm especially in love with the raw hem. I think I need at least one pair of denim with a raw hem.

Here are a few more outfit ideas featuring cropped flare jeans: with a leather jacket, with a simple black tee, with stripes and a long vest, with a bomber jacket, with a button-down shirt, with a simple sweater and coat, and with an oversized blazer.

Trend to try: Sneakers — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

SupergaAdidas / Nike
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What's better than when comfortable, practical shoes are trending, right? I picked up a pair of New Balance sneakers last year, and I'm tempted to add another pair to the collection. Maybe an Adidas pair this time? I know everyone and their mother has the Stan Smiths, and it usually turns me off from something when everyone has it, but I'm kind of starting to like them... I love how there are so many sneaker options: everything from the true athletic sneakers to the casual, slip-on styles.

Sneakers are a perfect alternative to flats and can be worn with essentially any outfit you would wear with flats, though they tend to make a look more casual. I especially love packing mine on any trip where I plan on doing a lot of walking. In the past, I've worn mine with a simple late spring outfit, to wander around Central Park in NYC, with a crop top and skirt, with navy stripes and grey denim, and in an Ellen DeGeneres-inspired outfit.

I also have a couple of pairs of Keds; a red pair and a grey striped pair. I've worn my red pair with a sweater and jeanswith a striped top and boyfriend jeans, with a blue and white dress, and with a cropped tee and shorts. My grey striped pair was featured in a black and grey outfit, in a casual fall outfit, in a monochrome outfit, with a floral dress, and in a simple late summer outfit.