Thesis brain


Symptoms of thesis brain: can think of few things besides thesis, hands are indefinitely stuck in "typing pose", page margins are your new worst enemy, can't think of how to concisely describe your work in a single line (meaning: come up with a title), you've typed the word "analysis" 100+ times, you forgot how to write an abstract... I could go on and on and on.

That was my week. And the week before. And the week before that. BUT, I can finally say that I'm done--for now. My thesis is now in my committee members' inboxes. Now, I need to focus on my presentation. AHHH.

Let's switch gears and talk about how obsessed I am with these pants. 'Cause I'm FREAKIN' OBSESSED. They are so, so comfortable. I wore them twice this week and I have no regrets. (I don't think my office mate noticed...) And this sweatshirt--also comfy. It was like I was wearing pajamas all day but still looked presentable. I mean, all I did was sit at my computer and type furiously and bang my head against my desk, but still. The elbow patches are quirky and one of my favorite things about this sweatshirt. They take it up just enough notches for me to not feel like a bum.


J.Crew Factory sweatshirt (on sale!) / Uniqlo shirt (last seen here) / Madewell pants / ModCloth flats (old; last seen here)