Cold weather wimp


BRRR! Okay, fall arrived. Last week we were hitting highs around 90 degrees, and today, I don't even think we hit 60. The air is brisk and the clouds are low and heavy. It rained for three days straight, and we've had intermittent showers the past couple of days. I almost didn't have an outfit for today because of the crappy weather, but luckily, the rain stayed mostly away and now I don't have to throw together a wishlist post! (I try to save those types of posts for times like that.)

I cannot handle when the temps drop as rapidly as they did the past week. I've been wearing sweaters and jeans everyday (like the middle of November) since the cold started. Today is the coldest day it has been since a random day in the middle of June (meh, I thought it would have been April--just goes to show how crazy the weather is here). In addition to my sweater and coat, for today, I added the vest for extra warmth. I wore my loafers because I thought they looked best with the outfit, but my feet were kind of cold! (Noooo!) I'm really hoping we get an actual fall here. It always seems to go too fast and then BAM! Hello, snow. (Read: Go away, snow. It's not even Thanksgiving. Stay in the mountains where you belong.)


Gap Factory vest (last seen here) / Madewell sweater (last seen here) / J.Crew pants / Vince Camuto loafers via Nordstrom (similar; last seen here) / ModCloth earrings (old)