Italia Nostalgia, part 2

Three years ago, I studied abroad in Italy for a few weeks during the summer. I started this mini series to share some of the photos from my trip! My first Italia Nostalgia post was dedicated to my study abroad city, Viterbo. This post is focused on the five other cities I visited in the Lazio region of Italy (Viterbo is also in Lazio). Part three will be posted two weeks from today! :)


Tarquinia is located along the western coast of Italy. I took a day trip there with other students in my program, and we got to dip our toes in the Mediterranean, visit an Etruscan museum, and see ancient Etruscan tombs!



Of course, we visited Rome! The only way to get anywhere via train from Viterbo involves changing trains in Rome, so I was there quite a bit. I did stay there for a weekend to visit some main attractions (Colosseum and Trevi Fountain), but I would definitely spend more time there if/when I go back. It's quite touristy, which is probably why I was so turned off from it the first time I went, but I feel like I didn't get to see nearly enough!


Citta del Vaticano

A stop in Rome would not be complete without a stop at Vatican City. I ended up visiting on the last Sunday of the month, which is free admission day...that means the museum was SUPER busy! I enjoyed it nonetheless. The Sistine Chapel is amazing, and St. Peter's Basilica is just breathtaking. Pictures do not do it justice! I highly recommend a visit.


Civita di Bagnoregio

This town is adorable but very fragile! The rocks around it are in danger of crumbling. There are only a few permanent residents, which is why it's nicknamed "the dying city". It is a beautiful little town, though, and if you're hungry, there's a restaurant just outside of the town with amazing views (and amazing food!).



Bracciano is located between Rome and Viterbo. During the last weekend of my trip, I felt like I needed to visit it--mostly because of the beautiful castle! The lake is also quite enjoyable on a hot summer day.