My June wishlist

Life handed me very sour lemons. I had an outfit post all lined up for today, until I was looking through the photos and realized how terrible the lighting actually was. It was so terrible that you couldn't even make out the pattern on my top, and my weak Photoshop skills could not make the photos look any better. Someday I'll get better at this whole photography thing, but for now, here's what I've been wishing for. C'est la vie!

White collared tank top {Everlane's "The Silk Sleeveless"}


I've been looking for a top like this to layer under other tops and sweaters for as long as I can remember and have found nothing comparable to this one at any of my regular stores (J.Crew, Madewell, H&M, etc.). If you know where I can find a top like this for much less than $60 I would be very grateful.

Black leather sandals {Apiece Apart Il Sandalo}


I'm so in love with these sandals, and they are so far out of my price range it's not even funny. That's why this is called a wishlist, right? I've been searching for something similar, and I'm thinking about ordering custom sandals from Ananias Sandals on Etsy because I've heard great things about the owner. These sandals would replace my very, very old black Target sandals that were featured here. I've worn them to death!

White skinny jeans {Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans in Pure White}


I don't have one pair of white jeans for spring/summer, and this is a problem! I tried Gap's white legging jeans and didn't like the fit on me, and I tried ordering a pair during the Nordstrom half-yearly sale but my order was cancelled. This Madewell pair I've had on my wishlist for months. I'm waiting patiently for a sale, but they haven't been marked down yet. It's starting to look like I won't be getting my jeans until the end of summer sales, if at all!

Medium wash denim jacket {Gap 1969 Denim Jacket}


I do not own a denim jacket. Isn't that crazy?! I've been wary of them since I remember wearing them in the 90s and I very much associate them with the 90s. I decided I should get my hands on one, but I haven't found the perfect jacket yet. I tried on the jackets available at H&M but wasn't in love with the fit. The bloggers I follow have jackets that fit them amazingly well, so that's what I'm looking for! I love the medium wash of this Gap jacket.

Linen tee {Madewell Linen Heathered Timeoff Tee}


I've heard wonderful things about linen and how nice it is during the summer. It gets really hot where I live (multiple days above 100 are not uncommon), so linen tees have been on my radar and I'm hoping to find the perfect tee soon. This Madewell tee is the perfect color and looks quite comfortable! I'm also a fan of how it drapes.

Navy and white striped fit-and-flare dress {Tiana B. Striped Cotton Dress}


Ah, the elusive dress of my dreams. I actually purchased this dress when it was on Hautelook at the end of March. My order ended up being cancelled because either Hautelook didn't tell the designer how many dresses were ordered or the designer didn't send enough. Either way, I am so sad. It was the perfect dress (assuming that it would have fit perfectly). I can't find it anywhere else, thus the lack of link. I'm pretty picky about this dress. I want it to be navy and white (not cream), a fit-and-flare style, made of mostly cotton, preferably sleeveless, preferably with pockets, and I want the navy stripes to be thin like this Tiana B. dress. Like my white skinny jeans, I may have to give up on this dress...for now.