5 smaller brands to shop

5 smaller brands to shop (instead of Nordstrom) — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

When it comes to adding a new item to my wardrobe, typically I turn to my go-to "big" retailers like Madewell and Nordstrom first. As much as I love the items I purchase from those retailers, it's always fun to browse and buy from smaller retailers—especially if I'm looking for something different or more unique! I rounded up five of my favorite smaller retailers (I wouldn't consider all of them to be small small) that I highly recommend checking out next time you're in the market for something new. Bonus: I included some brands that are women-owned and support worthy causes AND some brands that feature ethically- and sustainably-made products!


& Other Stories

I fell in love with & Other Stories over three years ago! The brand is part of the H&M family, but it has more of a flirty, feminine, contemporary vibe. I wish I could wear (read: pull off) their garments every day of my life. I only have two things by the brand—my white perforated bucket bag made in collaboration with Clare Vivier and my bright red-orange sweater—but I'm always on the lookout for more pieces to add to my wardrobe. I especially love browsing their knitwear and shoe collections! 

via ABLE

via ABLE



I've yet to buy anything from ABLE, but I love everything the brand stands for. Their goal is to end the cycle of generational poverty in women in countries around the world by providing job opportunities. Not to mention, their products are absolutely beautiful! I've found myself browsing their denim, bags, and shoes on multiple occasions, and I'm especially loving their new shoes for fall 2018! New to the brand? Use my referral link for $20 off your first purchase!


Amour Vert

If you've been following me for a while, you already know that I love Amour Vert! It's my favorite woman-owned small business that is also focused 100% on ethically- and responsibly-made garments, most of which are produced in the U.S. The best part is how affordable the garments are considering their production! I own a small collection of pieces and am always browsing the new arrivals for more to add. Their garments made with sustainable modal are my favorite; the fabric is incredibly dreamy and feels like butter!



Like & Other Stories, COS is also part of the H&M family. It's different from & Other Stories and H&M in that their items have more of a high-fashion-meets-streetwear vibe. They play around with trends in unique ways. I wish I had the right lifestyle for their garments! It feels very off-duty-model to me. Even though I don't shop there much (I only own a basic red striped tee), I love browsing and dreaming about their unique pieces. I recommend COS if you're looking for well-made, thoughtful trendy items or affordable show-stopping garments.


Moorea Seal

Badass babe Moorea Seal is basically a small business queen. Her namesake online shop and retail store in Seattle are filled with products made by other small brands and women-owned businesses. She curates a killer selection of goodies ranging from jewelry and shoes to home decor and—most recently—clothing! I bought my very favorite pair of sunglasses from Moorea Seal on a total whim a few years ago, and it remains one of the best purchases of my life (not to be dramatic lol).