My favorite sounds of spring

Spring outfit with stripes and denim — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring outfit with baseball cap — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring outfit with burgundy striped tee — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Madewell high rise skinny jeans with tulip hem — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Earth Zag velvet sneakers in burgundy — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

It feels like my senses come alive when springtime rolls around, and not just because I have allergies and can't seem to stop coughing, sniffling, and sneezing. ;) Besides all of the sights and smells that come with spring, I really start to notice sounds, and there are a few in particular I look forward to hearing when the weather warms and I can finally open my windows.

  • Birds chirping / Is there anything more quintessentially spring than the sound of birds chirping and singing? We live right by the river, so we hear a wider variety of birds than other places in town do. I love it!
  • Lawn mowers / Okay, so this might be weird, but when I hear the sound of lawn mowers or other yard machinery, I know spring is here! It's soothing in a way that's hard to describe unless you feel the same way. I don't mind hearing them when I open my windows as long as they're not right outside the windows, haha.
  • Bikes / Being right by the river, there are a ton of people that ride by on their road or mountain bikes. I enjoy hearing the coasting sound bikes make as they ride by, savoring the nice weather. The city seems to come back to life in the spring!
  • Rain / I love a nice, steady, warm spring rain. (Though it has tough competition with summer rain!) Even better when there's a clap or two of thunder to go along with it. As long as it doesn't rain for days on end, I'm happy.
  • Rushing river / I couldn't mention the fact that I live by the river and not include the sound of the actual river! ;) Nothing quite compares to the sound of a river full of ice cold snowmelt. The river won't be as raging this year as it was last year (thank goodness) so it is even easier to enjoy on beautiful spring days.

Speaking of water, this outfit was shot next to a waterfall...ahhh. :) That's one of my favorite sounds at any time of year! 

This outfit features a mix of sporty (thanks to the baseball cap and sneakers) and girly (thanks to the burgundy velvet and stripes). Who says you have to be one or the other? It was the perfect look for a casual spring Saturday out and about and taking in all the sights—and sounds—the city had to offer.


Grana tee / similar by Everlane
Madewell jeans / exact (on sale in limited sizes; also available from Nordstrom)
Earth sneakers c/o / exact (on sale!) or exact from 6pm (last seen here)
Madewell hat / similar by Keds
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact