Earth shoes review: 1 to 3 years later (spring/summer edition)

If you've been reading my blog since spring 2015 (!!!), you probably know that I've had a longstanding collaboration with Earth Brands that involves styling shoes from their seasonal collections in outfit posts. It has truly been a dream to work with a brand like Earth and to continue this collaboration! 2018 marks my fourth year working with the brand, and since I've amassed quite a collection over the years, I wanted to do a more in-depth review of the shoes I received in 2015, 2016, and 2017 (I did not include the shoes I got this year since I just got them!). This post was not written in collaboration with Earth; I wrote honestly about how the shoes have held up over time and how I've worn each pair! (As usual, you can go straight to the original outfit post if you click on one of the photos below.)

Earthies Morolo • 2015 (3 years later)

This is the pair of shoes that started it all! I picked the Earthies Morolo wedge sandals mostly because of their color. I figured a pair of beige sandals would go with just about anything! Turns out, that was a pretty good assumption.

According to Stylebook, I've worn these sandals 28 times since I received them three years ago (15 times in dedicated outfit posts, as you can see below). The original retail price was $180, so if I had paid full price, the cost per wear would be down to $6.42.

Since I've had these shoes the longest, they are starting to show some signs of wear, as you would expect. My feet have left a mark on the inside (gross, I know...why does that happen?!), and I tend to hit the sides of my feet when I walk, so they're slightly scuffed on the inside, but honestly they still look really good considering their age. They're still structurally sound, haha.

I haven't had any issues with soreness or comfort; this brand is know for their comfortable shoes and it's very true! These are my go-to neutral sandals for special events...or when I just want a little bit of extra height. I'm still very happy with this decision. :)

Earth Seaside • 2016 (2 years later)

When it came time to pick a pair of shoes in spring 2016, I was drawn to this embellished pair of white sandals. I didn't have any white sandals in my closet at the time and assumed they would be a solid neutral addition.

I've worn my Earth Seaside sandals 22 times since I got them (I'm surprised that I've worn these almost as much as the Morolo!), and if I had paid the full retail price of $90, their cost per wear would be down to $4.09. Even though I've worn them a bunch, I've only featured them in dedicated outfit posts 8 times.

I absolutely love how comfortable these sandals are for being "flat" sandals. There's a bunch of padding on the sole so they definitely don't feel like your typical flat sandal. I also love how the embellishment enables them to finish a look without the need to also add accessories.

That all said, there are a couple of things that annoy me about them. The sole is staining from something. Rain? I'm not sure, so I try to avoid wearing them in situations where they might get wet. Also, my heels tend to slip to the inside when I walk. Those things make me not like them as much as my other pairs of shoes.

Earthies Saletto • 2017 (1 year later)

Last spring, I broke the mold of neutral shoes and picked a pair of dusty blue sandals! The Earthies Saletto sandals were my second choice, but I was pleasantly surprised when I loved these more than the boots I got below. 

I've worn these shoes 5 times since I got them a year ago (4 of the outfits were blogged). The original retail price was $170, so the cost per wear is down to $34 had I paid full price—not great, but not terrible considering how long I've had them. They're not neutral and don't go with everything in my closet, so that's to be expected.

Since these shoes have a bit more personality than my other sandals, I've had the pleasure (and challenge) of styling them with items in my closet that don't exactly match. It's always fun to put together outfits that aren't so matchy!

I have no issues with the height of these sandals (and I think they are my tallest pair of Earth shoes). The laces tend to dig into my feet after a while, even after loosening them a bit. I'm also starting to scuff them when I walk (and stain them with my apparently gross feet...ha). 

Earth Pineberry • 2017 (1 year later)

Last spring was the first spring I got to choose two pairs of shoes (following the previous fall in which I got to pick two pairs). I was most excited by the Earth Pineberry boots but most stumped when it came to styling them because of their color. Taupe is a neutral but it's not a common color in my wardrobe at all!

Still, these boots have been worn more than the sandals above: 11 times since last spring (featured in 7 blog outfits). Had I paid the full $150, the cost per wear would currently be $13.63. Not bad considering I've had them for a year—and considering that I've struggled coming up with ways to style them.

I normally wear these boots with beige colored ankle socks since the perforations go all the way through the shoes. You can't tell, though! ;)

I'm not sure yet if I'm brave enough to try wearing these with a dress or skirt... but, what I like about these boots is how narrow the leg opening is. The leg line is continuous because of it. (That's also kind of a negative because they indent my legs as I walk, haha.) I'm glad I stepped out of my color comfort zone with these boots! They've been such a fun addition.