March into spring

Spring work outfit with Madewell Transport tote — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring work outfit inspiration — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Elizabeth and Clarke The Unstainable Laurent — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring work outfit with short trench coat — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Madewell medium Transport tote outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Earthies Saletto caged sandals and Madewell medium Transport tote — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Is it sad that yesterday I googled, "When is the first day of spring?" It wasn't written on my calendar, and I knew it had to be sometime soon... Well, it turns out that yesterday (Tuesday) was the official vernal equinox! The sun is slowly making its way back over the Northern Hemisphere (thanks to the tilt of Earth, of course), and daytime will finally be longer than nighttime!

We had a couple of days recently that hit the mid-60s, and I was in heaven to say the least. Warm weather puts me in such a good mood! (That is, until we've had 10 days of 100+ degrees straight in the summer, haha.) I wore a couple of springy pieces to work and met my boyfriend for lunch on one of those warm days. We ended up having Italian; he let me pick the place, and I am notoriously bad at making decisions, but I actually made a decision for once. I was going to live dangerously and order pasta with marinara sauce to test out my new shirt by Elizabeth & Clarke—the fabric is literally called Unstainable—but my eyes (and stomach) were drawn to a pasta with a white wine/garlic sauce. BUT! I must say that I didn't notice any stains, even though I also inhaled the bread that I soaked in olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

What's truly amazing about this shirt, besides the fabric that cannot be stained, is the fact that there are hidden snap buttons at the bust so there is no pulling whatsoever. GENIUS. Every retailer should be doing that with their buttoned shirts! For me, the only downside of this shirt is its tendency to be staticky. I live in a very dry climate, though, so that doesn't help at all. Anything that can be staticky will be staticky. If I've convinced you to give this shirt a try, I ordered it in a size 2 and it fits my bust and broad shoulders perfectly. The sleeves are just a touch too long, which is not usually the problem I have with shirts, but I'll take it over sleeves that are too short.

A few other things about this outfit: 1) I picked the shoes because they don't match the shirt; I like the three-shades-of-blue thing going on here. Also: sandal season!!! 2) Light jackets are finally back in the rotation, and I still adore my short trench coat! 3) I finally felt like wearing statement earrings again. It hasn't happened since this outfit, though, haha. 4) My Madewell tote remains the perfect size for work, and it has held up beautifully! Highly recommend it if you're in the market for one yourself. :)


Ellen Tracy coat / old; similar by Uniqlo
Elizabeth & Clarke shirt / exact
Madewell jeans / old; similar
Earthies sandals c/o / exact (on sale!) (last seen here)
J.Crew earrings / old; similar by JCPenney
Madewell tote / exact
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact