What I wear to concerts

What to wear to a fall concert — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Fall outfit with Madewell arrowstack necklace — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Fall concert uniform: peplum top, olive green jeans, ankle boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Fall concert outfit with peplum top and olive skinny jeans — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Olive green skinny jeans fall concert outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

There’s really only one thing that I spend all of my extra money on (besides clothes and shoes, of course): concerts. I’m obsessed with hearing my favorite artists live. I’m constantly buying concert tickets or keeping an eye out for tour announcements; it’s rare when I don’t have a show to look forward to (currently, my next show is Kacey Musgraves next year!). Korri scolds me for how many concerts I want to go—and end up going—to.

Honestly, probably the worst part about living in Boise is the fact that no one comes here on tour, so I have to plan to travel somewhere else 99% of the time if I want to see a live show. I used to go to so many concerts when I lived in Utah, and now I go to maybe a quarter as many, and I spend more money per show because we have to factor in the cost of flights and a hotel. :( We got lucky recently and had two concerts within one week—and both were right here in Boise! If one of my favorite artists comes to town, I always make a point to go because I want to support the artists I like that actually do come here.

When it comes to what I wear for concerts, my outfit depends on a variety of things: what kind of seats I have (if any), the weather, and my mood. Honestly, to me, it doesn’t matter who the artist is or the genre because I stick to what I have in my closet. For instance, I won’t wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat to a country concert because I don’t own those things, and I’m not going to buy them just for one show/artist.

Typically, this outfit is what my concert “uniform” looks like: a simple (but fun) top, a pair of skinny jeans/pants, and ankle boots. I choose a top based on the weather; for this concert, it was going to be a little chilly outside afterward but I didn’t want to lug a jacket along (I took my leather jacket to the first of the two concerts; it got spilled on, and I even didn’t need it). This top kept me comfortable and I didn’t get hot. If it’s much colder out, I’ll wear a sweater—but probably only if I have a seat and won’t be in general admission, smushed between everyone on the floor. If it’s outdoors and considerably warmer, I’ll wear a nicer tank top or tee. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be flailing around while dancing, I added the necklace for this look. Normally, when it comes to jewelry, I opt for simple stud earrings since those don’t get in the way of me dancing a little too much. ;)

I wear skinny jeans or pants unless the concert is outside in the summer (in which case, I go with shorts). Jeans are comfortable, and unlike a dress or skirt, I don’t have to worry about creepy men or accidentally flashing anyone. I wear these ankle boots most of the time, mostly because they can withstand being spilled on, and they also don’t hurt my feet after a couple of hours. I have worn sneakers to other shows, and those are comfy but not quite as spill-proof. I also wore a pair of very tall platform boots made for pole fitness to one of our recent concerts and my feet were killing me after only a couple of hours. I could see over people in those boots though, haha! #shortpeopleproblems When in doubt, faux leather is the way to go when it comes to shoes.

Venues have gotten stricter about bags after recent events. I bring my old black crossbody bag (last seen here) if it’s a local show or my clear crossbody bag if it’s a stadium show (my black crossbody bag would be too big to bring into a stadium with their new rules, and I’m not paying to check my bag!). If I use my clear crossbody bag, I transfer my ID, a credit card, and some cash into a small wallet and put it in the bag. My clear bag can fit a surprising amount of things! I brought a sweatshirt along with me when I saw Taylor Swift and it fit perfect in the bag when it was rolled up. Even though I tend to avoid bringing extra layers with me if I can, if it’s a really cold winter day, I’ll bring a coat with me and drape it over my bag to keep it out of the way during the show.

That’s pretty much my concert style in a nutshell! I included a widget below with a variety of different products that I typically wear for concerts. I’d love to know what you wear for concerts, too!


Elegantees top / old; similar by LOFT or Caslon
Madewell jeans / similar by Paige or KUT from the Kloth
Sam Edelman boots / exact from Zappos or 6pm (on sale!)
Madewell necklace / exact (also available from Nordstrom)
Le Specs sunglasses / exact style
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact