Link Love, vol. 5 (+ AMA?)

Apple brie baguette β€” via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

{via Instagram}

Happy Sunday, friends! How has your weekend been? My boyfriend is in town for the long weekend. Long distance is so hard, but it really makes me appreciate the time we do get to spend together. We've been eating a lot of food but also doing some workouts to balance it out. ;) I ordered some activewear from Grana and love it! Definitely size up, though. I ended up with a small in everything because XS was too tight. I plan to do a review/"around town" post with it once it warms up a bit! (If you're new to the brand, use my referral link for 10% off your first purchase! I'll get a credit.)


And just for fun (inspired by the lovely Alissa), I thought I'd do a little "ask me anything" session! Feel free to ask me anything about blogging, grad school, my life, my boyfriend, my cats, etc. I'll answer some questions (or all, depending on amount received and the content/appropriateness) in an upcoming post (or posts, again depending on amount/content). :) I'll probably close the form below around February 26th!

Form closed.