Link Love, vol. 15

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Happy weekend! Do you have any fun plans? I think we might go to the farmer’s market, and the U.S. Classic gymnastics meet is on this weekend, but other than that, I’m not sure what we’ll do. It may be time for a low-key weekend since we had quite a few plans last weekend! I’d love to make another stop at The STIL, one of our favorite local ice cream places (that also serves alcohol!).

  • The New York Times wrote a great story about the fire at Notre-Dame and how the building was saved. Really enjoyed this one! It has great graphics, too.

  • I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful photographs of the red rocks of Antelope Canyon somewhere on social media. This is a long piece via Vox about how tourism has impacted the Navajo community and small town near the canyon…and not necessarily for the better.

  • Thanks to the rise of online shopping, there is too much stuff (via The Atlantic). I hate when I’m searching for one particular thing on Amazon and thousands of options appear. I end up getting overwhelmed and give up after looking through two pages of results! I also get overwhelmed when thinking where to buy a new mattress when the time comes. There are so many online-based mattress companies that I don’t even know where to start with those.

  • Here’s another (long) article by The Atlantic detailing what we know about the Malaysian Airlines flight that has been missing for a few years. As an #avgeek, I found this super interesting, and it’s kind of crazy how it all happened.

  • Did you know I did a NASA Earth science summer internship prior to grad school? It’s called the Student Airborne Research Program, and it involves flying onboard a research aircraft, taking measurements of the air chemistry, completing a research project, and presenting it at the end. They just completed the flights a few days ago! The plane will actually be in Boise starting next week for the FIREX-AQ mission to study wildfires and smoke impacts on air quality and weather.

  • Courtney Carver shared her tips for combatting worrying. Are you a worrier? I am, and it is so exhausting to constantly be thinking about how any situation might go. Sigh. Gotta fix that.

  • See Anna Jane wrote a fabulous post sharing her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tips (as a former Nordstrom-company employee), including her honest thoughts about brands/items that aren’t worth buying this year, which I found refreshing in the sea of “shopping guides” most bloggers are pushing. The sale opened to the public today; did you get anything? One item on my wish list was in stock when I checked, so I ordered it, and less than 40 minutes later I got the order cancellation email. HA!

  • A mid-summer, non-#nsale wish list: Everlane released their baseball cap in new colors and I’m tempted to get two (one in olive, one in bone) and their bestselling cotton weave picnic dress is back in stock (might be a little long on me but I still want to try it); this straw circle bag by & Other Stories is tote-sized and on sale; I know everyone and their mom has been wearing Summersalt swimsuits, but I fell for the marketing and ordered the Causeway one-piece in white sand; and this linen-cotton shirtdress by J.Crew Factory is simple and summer-ready.

Link Love, vol. 14

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I can’t seem to get it together after traveling to Utah this past weekend, so here are a few links I’ve been loving lately. Hope you have a great start to the week! I can’t believe July is only a week away.

Link Love, vol. 13

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Happy Monday! I spent the weekend chilling at home and getting sunburned at a softball game. How was your weekend? Let’s kick off the work week with some distraction-worthy links, shall we? ;)