January shopping freeze

January 2017 shopping freeze — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

This is my first budget post since I starting budgeting almost three years ago where I don't have anything to share! I decided a couple of months ago to take part in the winter 10x10 remix challenge and also attempt another shopping freeze for the month of January. In the past, I've been terrible at the whole shopping freeze thing. I usually gave in when a really good sale popped up and whether or not the items I bought were on my wish list. I also usually binged the next month to "make up" for the lack of shopping.

I didn't do the freeze to save my quarterly budget money (I'll still spend it) but instead to slow my addition of new clothes after adding 70 items to my wardrobe last year. I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need to buy something new every couple of weeks. I'll have you know that I went over a full month without buying new clothes (since December 19th, which is the last day I bought new clothes for myself). Doing the 10x10 definitely helped to distract me. And, after I finished the 10x10, I went through my closet and listed a bunch on my Poshmark (including everything in the photo above). It's been fun to try selling my clothes versus adding anything new.

To be completely honest, I did place an order a few days ago, but it was carefully thought out and not done on impulse. The order also hasn't arrived which is why it wasn't included in this post. I decided to treat myself to an item I've had on my wish list for years that was finally at a price I could manage. I want to wear it to an event at the beginning of February, which is why I ordered it now and not on the first of the month. I'm kind of worried about sizing, too. We'll see whether or not it works for me; if so, you'll see it in next month's budget post (and probably in upcoming outfit posts)!

Now that the month is basically over, I am not currently planning on doing another shopping freeze. The main reason is that I have been better at maintaining a wish list of items I plan to buy that will hopefully reduce my urge to buy things off the list on impulse. I also recently shared my style resolutions for the year, and many of the items I have on my wish list right now are more expensive due to those resolutions, so I think that will help to keep me on track. But, famous last words, yadda yadda yadda. ;) I'm feeling good about it right now, though the stress of trying to finish my degree might get to me a couple of times...

Tell me—have you ever done a shopping freeze? Was it successful or not?

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