June budget

  1. Anthropologie Top (seen here): $34 (originally $68)
  2. J.Crew Skirt (seen here): $34 (originally $98; used gift card)
  3. J.Crew Shorts (seen here): $33.50 (originally $45; $16 paid with gift card)
  4. COS Tee: $39
  5. & Other Stories Tee (seen here): $25
  6. Uniqlo Shirt: $25 (originally $35)
  7. Uniqlo Top: $10 (originally $15)
  8. ModCloth Necklace: $12.50 (originally $20)
  9. ModCloth Dress: $25 (originally $55; used $5 credit)

June Total = $188

$378 ($500 quarterly budget - $122 overspent) - $188 (June) = $190 left for July and August

Not my best month, but I'm not surprised. I knew I was going shopping in NYC so I tried not to shop elsewhere...however, there were many good deals to be had, and now I am really pleased with my summer wardrobe.

This month actually contained mostly impulse purchases, which don't happen that often anymore. I've been much better at planning my purchases. I walked into Anthro because they were doing a sale-on-sale and I always tell Chris that I have to look just in case. I mentioned that I always have an eye out for interesting tops to wear in the summer and this one fit the bill perfectly. I love it! Of course, the two NYC purchases from COS and & Other Stories (sister stores of H&M!) were impulse purchases, but they fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. I do already have a red striped tee that I purchased last year, but I like this one from COS way more, and I would have purchased a black/white version had they made one. I absolutely loved COS! I tried on a million things there, haha. I did stop in at Uniqlo while in NYC, but I picked up only undergarments. A couple weeks later, a free shipping promo lured me in and I bought a couple of linen/linen blend tops on promo. I really can't say no to linen in the summer. I've wanted a light blue sleeveless blouse, and the blush pink tank is also a lovely addition. I was in need of some pink!

The J.Crew skirt I ordered three times because they kept reducing the price (silly J.Crew and their price games). I'm super happy I was able to snag it for such a good deal! I'm seriously obsessed with it and can think of at least two more outfits I want to share with it. I did purchase it in petite since the regular looked like it would be overwhelming. The 4" navy shorts replaced a 3" factory pair I had last year. 4" feels more appropriate to me now than 3" for some reason, plus the retail quality trumps factory. I used to worry that the extra length made my legs look stumpy, but I realized that they don't!

Oh, ModCloth. I haven't been as in love with you as I used to be. Quality issues and the whole change in the return policy gave me a bitter taste, but the necklace and dress were two items I added to my "Love List" and when they went on sale, I couldn't resist. I have to say that I'm really happy with both items! :)

Looking forward, the main items on my list were featured in my summer wishlist, and I really can't think of much else that I would like to add. I'm sure I'll find something new, though. ;)

I don't really ever mention what I get rid of, but this month I donated a ton of old clothes and shoes to the homeless shelter. Last month, Chris and I both donated bags of old, ratty, unwearable clothes to H&M for recycling (it's SUCH a great program and so much better than throwing things away). It feels good to be able to lighten my load and "do good" at the same time. If you're interested in items from my closet, I recently started a Poshmark account, where you'll find my nice pre-loved items. I hope to add some more items to it within the next few days! (Don't have a Poshmark account? Download the app and sign up with code PQURR for a $5 credit; I'll get a credit, too!)

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