Incorporating elements of different styles

How I incorporate elements of different styles into my own personal style -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

If I had to succinctly describe my style, I'd say it is classic, girly, and understated that errs on the side of minimalist. It really is SO hard for me to narrow it down, and that's because other than the broad definitions of "classic" and "girly", I enjoy elements from many different styles. Even though I don't identify as a full "prep", I enjoy wearing sweaters over collared blouses. Even though I don't consider myself bohemian in the least, I like the occasional bohemian garment. I love menswear-inspired looks, but I often don't feel like I can pull off a head-to-toe menswear look; however, I love wearing oxfords. Same goes for the "twee" style, which is one I identified more with a couple of years ago. Even though I don't dress in all ModCloth-esque garments anymore, there are still some pieces I can't seem to part with. I think that's the key of personal style: taking whatever elements strike your fancy and mixing them all together to create your own unique look. Below I broke down some of the pieces from different styles that help me create my own personal style. :)

Incorporating elements of bohemian into my style by adding a lacy dress and floppy hat -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

American Eagle Lace Panel Dress (similar; original outfit) / Leith Floppy Felt Hat (exact; original outfit)

Bohemian is probably the style I identify the least with. I've been in Free People, but I can never find an item I would wear or that could seamlessly weave into the rest of my wardrobe. That said, there have been a few bohemian items that caught my eye--two of them being this asymmetrical dress and this felt hat. I remember seeing this dress in American Eagle a couple of years ago and just falling in love. I don't wear it as much now (especially because it feels really short!), but it's so different from my other dresses and I love having the variety. The hat was something I didn't think was my style at all or that I could pull off, but I ended up loving it and am so glad I took a chance on it!

Incorporating elements of menswear into my style by adding a blazer and oxfords -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

J.Crew 'Schoolboy' Blazer (similar; original outfit) / Madewell 'Jess' Oxfords (exact; original outfit)

Menswear style is characterized primarily by crisp, clean tailoring and strong lines. Suits, blazers, button-up shirts, trousers, oxfords, and classic loafers all come to mind when I think of menswear. Even though I don't want to dress in this style all of the time (and have basically never worn an outfit consisting of entirely menswear-inspired pieces as described above), I really enjoy aspects of the style--especially the formality of a blazer in lieu of a cardigan and laced-up leather oxfords. I can add one or both pieces to an outfit to instantly make it feel more polished.

Incorporating elements of twee into my style by adding Peter Pan collars and polka dots -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

ModCloth 'Record Time' Dress (exact; original outfit) / ModCloth Skirt (similar; original outfit)

Isn't it crazy how much one's style can change in such a short amount of time? It was only two years ago that I adored and wore everything ModCloth had to offer. I was in a twee bubble. Last year, my style changed relatively rapidly and now I don't consider twee to be a large part of my personal style anymore. That said, you can pry my Peter Pan collars out of my cold, dead hands. ;) I can't help it; they're adorable. Also, I'm still not sick of this polka dot skirt. It's such a fun twist on a basic navy midi skirt and one I love to pull out every once in a while to mix things up!