I had a totally different outfit in mind when I woke up yesterday morning, but after throwing everything on, I hated it. It's always a bummer when an outfit I had in mind doesn't end up working out. It took me entirely too long to put a different outfit together. Thankfully, I remembered this one--another one I had thought up and saved in my list of outfit ideas. And, thankfully, this one worked out! Even though we were in a high wind warning in the morning, I still went with the dress (yep, it's a dress under that sweater!), assuming that the wind would die down after the warning expired. Did it? No. Of course not. Downslope winds are a breed all their own and I'm sure more than one person saw my dress fly up in the wind. Thank goodness for thick, fleece-lined tights (the BEST).


Chelsea28 sweater via Nordstrom (last seen here) / Uniqlo shirt (long-sleeved version; last seen here) / Target dress (old; similar) / LeGale tights via Nordstrom Rack / Sam Edelman boots (exact) / Anthropologie sunglasses