Happy New Year!


Another year has come and gone! I hope you all had fun celebrations last night, whether you were out on the town or cozied up on the couch. :) We went downtown last night, but it was so cold! I think I might opt to stay indoors next year if it's going to be as cold as it was. Brrr.

As I did last year, I thought of some resolutions. Since I did relatively well with the resolutions I set last year, I decided to follow the same idea with my resolutions this year: keep them simple yet significant and limit the number so I'm not overwhelmed.

  1. Drink more water. I definitely don't drink enough water. I take a filled water bottle with me to school everyday, but I rarely finish it before the day is over. I think part of the reason why I don't drink a lot is because I really hate having to go to the restroom. When I'm really busy, it feels like such a waste of time, haha. I know that water is really important for maintaining nice skin, so I need to drink more of it!

  2. Finish projects. I love DIY and fun little projects I find on Pinterest, but I'm really bad at actually doing them. Or, if I do manage to start them, I don't finish them! So this year I hope to find some fun projects and actually complete them. One of the projects on my list is a mini gallery wall in the living room.

  3. Purchase garments with higher quality materials. As much as cheap, synthetic fabrics have their place (or not, depending on how you feel), I'm ready to spend my money on fabrics that feel nice on my skin. I've accumulated a fair amount of merino wool over the past year or so, and I'm ready to dive into the world of cashmere. I'm already constantly checking the care tags when I'm out shopping and learning more about which brands have better materials (in my budget, of course). This will likely mean that I'll spend more on individual pieces and purchase fewer of them.

  4. Not go over my clothing budget. With my previous resolution in mind, I know it's going to be difficult to stay completely within my $500-per-quarter budget (which ends up being $2,000 a year; that seems like a lot when I type it out). With the travelling I have planned for the year, I need to stay focused and not overspend in other areas--especially with clothing purchases!

original background photo via cimatti on Flickr