December budget

  1. LOFT Top: $23 (originally $54.50)
  2. Madewell Jeans (seen here): $100 (originally $125)
  3. Banana Republic Dress: $29 (originally $130)
  4. Moorea Seal Earrings (seen here): $6 (originally $21)
  5. J.Crew Choker (seen here): $63 (originally $98)
  6. Anthropologie Top (seen here): $30 (originally $60)
  7. Madewell Sweater (seen here): $45 (originally $98)

December Total = $296

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) - $296 (December) = $270 left for January and February

So after an exceptionally good November, I went a little bit crazy this month. (I blame the exceptionally good sales which included items I've had on my wishlist for a while!)

Last month, I mentioned that I placed a huge LOFT order during one of their 60% off flash sales. I was, sadly, disappointed by four of the five things in my order. Three of the items were just a bit too big, and I ordered the smallest size available so I couldn't exchange. (I feel like the vanity sizing at LOFT is out of control.) One item, this grey dress, fit well except the waist was an inch too high and I didn't want an empire waist. The item I added to get free shipping, the top above, ended up being the only keeper. I got it in a petite size and thank goodness because it fits perfectly! I was pleasantly surprised by it given that the other items were disappointments.

Over the Black Friday weekend, I purchased a pair of Madewell jeans because it was the best promo I had seen including them and I've been wanting to add a new pair to my closet. (Turns out, it wasn't the best promo, but I'm trying not to think about it!) I debated between this wash (the Davis wash) and the Atlantic wash that I tried on back in August. I ended up getting the Davis wash because they can be dressed up and down, and I absolutely love them! Highly recommend. While I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in Madewell because it's a pretty big store, and I found a sweater I've had my eyes on for a while. They honored the student discount on top of the promo, so I purchased it and stuffed it in my suitcase. (It was more expensive online so I justified the stuffing of my suitcase, though I barely fit it in, haha.)

The statement earrings from Moorea Seal and top from Anthropologie were both Cyber Monday purchases. The earrings are still available and only $6! I went into Anthro to find this top and ended up buying it in store because they were running the Cyber Monday promo in store and it had sold out in my size online. It's a fun, "non-basic" top in a basic cut to spice up my wardrobe!

Finally, I thought the J.Crew choker would be a nice addition to my wardrobe and add something a little extra. It's very pretty! I love the geometric shape. Additionally, I fell in love with the Banana Republic dress...after seeing it on a character in one of my boyfriend's TV shows, The Flash on The CW. It caught my eye immediately, and luckily, I found it in less than five minutes on Google. The grey version (which is what the character wore) was sold out, but I loved the black, too--and that's how the story goes! ;)

  1. J.Crew Earrings
  2. Idaho Home Tee
  3. Madewell Scarf
  4. Anthropologie Sunglasses

These are the clothing items/accessories I received for Christmas this year, just in case you see them in future outfit posts and wonder where they came from! :) Three of the items were on my December wishlist, so I consider that post a success. The earrings were a gift from my boyfriend. They weren't on the wistlist I posted on here, but they were on my J.Crew wishlist! He has a knack for picking out items that I'd like. I was quite impressed and immediately wondered if I had told him I wanted them. My family gifted me the other three items. I feel very fortunate! What goodies did you receive for Christmas? xo

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